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British Values day.

Today at Aveley Primary we have been celebrating our British Values. In 6W we decided to look at democracy and how it plays a role within our country. Once we had a good understanding of democracy we set ourselves a challenge; to form our own political parties to run the school. 

We firstly split into 5 groups and each team had to create: a party name, a logo, a manifesto; to explain what their aims and goals are and put it into a PowerPoint to present their information. 

Here are the parties in action.

We then voted for the winning party… Well done UKID!

Amiee #week15

The illumanous bright light surrounding the long droopy curtains. The cautious crowd waited in anticipation, eager to meet the new princess of the United Kingdom. Suddenly, a new gruesome slimy tenticle shot out of the curtains like a bullet. The immediate sound of highheels edged forward to the microphone. Her bright long blond hair sat on her shoulder elegantly. Breaking the silence came… “In 2017 I hope that world can have peace again!” The crowd stay dead silent. Confused and puzzled faces scanned the creature head to toe.


She starred at the audience angrily. An alien invasion has been suddenly created!!!!!!!

Muddy PE session…


We have been learning how to play Tag Rugby this term. Today we used all of our knowledge and skills to play a game. It was wet and muddy but we all had fun. Well done to the Bib team who won.


No pens Wednesday…

Some of us were quite nervous about the prospect of not using a pen or pencil all day in school, but it turned out to be a fantastic day. We recreated the Bauyeux Tapestry using collage. Here are just a few of the ones created.

img_08331                     img_08321

We even presented it to the school to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.


…then the lock clicked and…