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A Letter

Dear Andrew Sesay,

Recently, I have seen your work on the 100 word challenge site, and was very pleased by what i saw. Watching you help that poor lady and her baby has really made me aware to the things that you and your team do for people in Sierra Leone and all of the remarkable lives you have saved. You have made me realize that there are good people like you who want to help innocent people during a life changing moment. Whilst i was watching the video, a thousand questions buzzed through my mind but then you answered all of them with your quick and knowledgeable actions. As a reward for changing people’s lives, i have decided to donate to help you and your future patients and VSO.

Thank you for everything you do; you have really made a change!

Your Sincerely,

Sylvia, 6W


Burger Mystery

It caught my eye. Grappling hands gripped onto a burger. I kept ambling along; I couldn’t stop staring. These hands were like mega-size giants hands squabbling for their breakfast. Its fingertips lightly grasped the burger as if it was ready to indulge in it. I turned around the corner then came back to look. It moved. Was it still alive? Ignoring my crazy thoughts, I stared deeply into the stringy yellow cheese, the maroon tender beef and the sprinkled seeded bun… My stomach suddenly growled so unexpectedly I jumped. I imagined tasting the burger.. That seemed to make my hunger fade away like a distant memory. ”Emily!” It was Sasha. ”What are you staring at?” It was gone.

A Slave Auction

Dear diary,

Today was the day that I had feared for my whole life and now it had finally, unfortunately, came. Imagine, after six weeks of being stuck at the deck of the sail boat, at last you were being let out for air and then suddenly you realise you are at America and it is time for the slave auction. You can already taste the dusty air sifting around, the unbearable stench of buzzing flies, and you can only hear the screaming of greedy rich people who was definitely ,without a doubt, bound to buy ME. Painful chains grappling onto your wrists and ankles, digging into your skin making you ache even more. My close friends, which i have known all my life, captured and arching next to me. We were there. ”Come on, some of us have lives here!”One greedy rich person scoffed. The auctioneers pulled the chain forcefully. ”Now you all be good okay?”

Those were the last words I heard for a while. We all were silent as the auctioneer spoke.. ”These slaves are all FED and CLEAN and there are NO SCARS or anything..” I rolled my eyes in my head. ”Since we only delivered the best..”

My only friends were being sold in front of me, I didn’t want to let them go.. ”Hello?! Hello?” Said the auctioneer pulling my arm. ”And this is a hard working slave who would be happy in any location..”

”I’ll take her! For..” ”50 shillings no more no less!” Said a woman in a grey skirt and navy jumper. ”SOLD!”

So she took me and told me to sit behind her, and not speak. I stared at the floor in despair. ”PSST” ”PSST” A voice spoke. ”You can go!” I looked up. ”GO NOW!” This was my chance, all i had to do was slip into the forest and run and run and run… So I picked up myself and bolted. ”She’s getting away!”

I ran and ran and ran and i didn’t stop for the world. ‘I would escape, I WOULD‘ I told to myself. Too late.


The Gripping Hand By Sylvia 6W

”Come on Rufus!” I said tugging the lead gently. I was taking Rufus, my dog, on a walk since he hadn’t been in ages. It was all going fine until….

”GRRR!” Rufus growled furiously at something on the floor. I picked it up slowly.

”Its just a book, boy!” I said patting him on the head. He pulled away and looked at me to say there is something weird about it. I opened it, the lock on it went CLICK and it opened.

”See just a normal book!” But as I opened it to read it, ink started to crawl out of it… Words were smothering the floor… And a huge lifelike hand reached out above the surface…


We had to pass the disco to get to my typewriter, otherwise groaning monsters might take over the world. The noise was so loud in the disco, pop music playing everywhere. It was ear-splitting. ”I think my typewriters on the left.” R.L Stine said staring left. ”Okay lets go!” Yelled Sophie, R.L Stine’s daughter. I was the one who first opened the first book, but now all of the creepy monsters were out. ”Here it is!” I said looking at it. ”Great” Said R.L Stine sitting down. The only problem was…. we could hear monsters outside it really put R.L Stine off his story. Until a familiar voice came, ”Hello Papa..” It whispered, I turned to see a ventriloquist dummy. ”SLAPPY…”

The weathernator 2000

Gracie and Daniel moved into a new house. A haunted house. Well, that is what they thought anyway. There was always a glow in the last door in the corridor. One day they decided to check it out. ”You ready?” Gracie said petrified but excited.

”S’pose so” Daniel replied as he cautiously opened the glowing door. A device. Laying randomly in the middle of the wooden floor.

”Cool!” Screamed Daniel grabbing it viciously shaking it about.

”The Weathernator 2000?” Gracie whispered looking at the back of the tablet. Scrolling through Gracie saw something saying Snow. ”Lets push it!” Daniel exclaimed whilst tapping it.

”Wait!” Surprisingly, as the weather started to change they bounced back and everything went black….

The maze

I had just finished the book it must of sucked me in….

Dim light shone onto my eyelids, I opened my eyes slowly. The towering walls stood in a maze shape. Shocked, I got up carefully on my feet. I looked at my surroundings. As I took one step, I immediately heard a faint growling noise, vicious growling. I looked in front and behind. Which way? Which way was the growling coming from? I slowly turned around a corner and a giant blood sucking creature stood before me. I stared in horror as blood tricled down its almighty jaw. It’s bug eyes almost out of its head. I knew that I couldn’t run… I was alone.. Then a twig snapped…

Sylvia #week15

…In 2017 I hope…

The crowd waited with anticipation everybody in the crowded room were silent, not daring to make a sound, not moving a muscle. You could hear a pin tumbling onto the floor; that was how quiet the room was. Finally after scanning the room, staring at the blood red curtains, a dark slight gap peered through. It became bigger and bigger… Until a large purple tentacle squished onto the creaky wooden floor. Squish..Squidge…Splog… It reached out to the audience like an alien in a horror film, then the head peered out with blonde hair then the whole body, and then it turned and grabbed the microphone.. “In 2017 I hope…” Then everything went black.