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A Slave Auction by CHLOE

Dear Diary,

Today was a dreadful experience  for me, it all started when I was kidnapped back in Africa when I heard someone tapping on the door and trying to break in my hut.

All of a sudden a black bag was wrapped round my head then someone hit my head.

I woke up and I was at a slave auction.

What was I going to do now?


I will escape…

Slave Auction

Dear Diary,

Finally, the slaves arrived for purchase. A fine bunch they were but not very lively. A few of them stood out to me, the rest of them were drooping down, depressed. The slave auctioneers let us inspect their slaves. Most of them were just skin and bones with crooked yellow teeth. Then one, very healthy and big-built, it was, was the one I wanted to buy. But I wasn’t the only one who admired it. Soon, our inspections were over and it was time to bid and buy. The slave I wanted was the first up to be sold. “Ten gold pieces!” a buyer yelled.

“Fifteen gold pieces!” I offered, hopefully. But I didn’t get the slave as somebody gave up twenty gold pieces for it. As the day passed, my luck didn’t change. Then it was time for the scramble. Having no slaves yet, I was sure that I would get a slave from the scramble. A lady walked past, frowning at us, holding her hand out for pieces. I dropped five pieces into her wrinkled hand. “Three.. Two.. One…GOW!” she yelled in a horrible tone of voice. We rapidly ran towards the slaves. Grabbing one’s hand, I chucked it onto the floor, sniggering. Now I have a slave.