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Slavery Auction Experience by Paris

Dear Diary,

Buyer at the Slavery Auction

Delightfully, today I entered the Slavery auction to buy some useful slaves- seems like some of them were rubbish. As they pulled a slave to the front and described what they do their teeth were rotten and yellow but they were scrubbed till clean.

As a rough sick child was standing barely breathing  a woman with blonde wavy hair shouted “250 silver coins”

“huuuu” everyone gasped.

“300 silver coins” I bellowed.

” Ok 300 silver coins going once….going twice….SOLD! to  this fine young lady. I was so glad that I now have a personal maid, a gardener and a bodyguard. Though at least my slave do not escape though the others did.

100WC Week #25 – By Paris

“So that is why I am always last, and I don’t like it” said Gemma.

” Gemma is  upset; she always gets her exam results last.” Exclaimed Jack.

“Save best ’till last that is what I say, anyway maybe it is a good thing because your making yourself really nervous when you might have done really well.” I said.

“That is actually not why I am upset.” Said Gemma. ” Well…my mum is… ill and we have to move nearer her hospital, I will not be able to see you that much.”

Then we heard a loud BANG!

We jumped with fear.

100wc by Paris

“Trust me this book is amazing!” bellowed Emily. As I was walking over to Emily, I saw a colossal hand beside the tree. It looked as if it was grabbing it. I was standing there in admiration. My friends came over and rubbed the dirt of off the thumb. It had a sign on it. ‘BEWARE stand clear of this area.’ Just as I was about to move…. I felt the ground shake.

“EARHTHQUAKE!” we all shouted. We couldn’t move, the hand started to grab us. We were demolished down the hole. My heart was pounding. Where am I going?

100WC by Paris

Dear Mother and Father,

Remember when I found my boat the other day? Well this morning, I was in my boat and found a derelict island and saw a little girl; called Lily abandoned on the island. She said her mother and father left her there, they didn’t like  her at all. She lives in a steel cottage. Under the mauve roof, all she has to eat every day are carrots.

Mother and father I miss you so much; one day we will be together. Sorry for the smudge, I am tearful thinking about you it makes me cry and overflow like a waterfall.

….as the weather changed they…. by Paris

It was Monday 17th July 2017 and 6W was at stubbers. It had been the best day of the year so far. The shining sun shone so brightly in the sky. It was a hot oven beaming down on the children. There was one group and they walked of and found a tablet. It looked strange. But it could change the weather. As the weather changed, they looked around and were surrounded by floods and floods of water. They tried to tap on a different weather condition but they dropped it into the water. They were terrified. The water seemed to get higher and higher. What were they going to do?

Bradley #15


I was sprinting through the long razor-like grass, trying to get away from the terrifying, treacherous tiger. All of a sudden, BOOM! I looked behind me and saw that the tiger was lying still on the dusty earth, blood dripping from his forehead all across his face and body. I once again started sprinting, stumbling with every dreadful step I took. I was trying desperately not to get shot. All of a sudden, I tripped over an enormous rock falling face first into the earth. Luckily, a bullet shot right over my face grazing my head. In 2017 I hope that wild animals like myself will be able to live and not get killed by hunters.