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100WC Week #25 – By Paris

“So that is why I am always last, and I don’t like it” said Gemma.

” Gemma is  upset; she always gets her exam results last.” Exclaimed Jack.

“Save best ’till last that is what I say, anyway maybe it is a good thing because your making yourself really nervous when you might have done really well.” I said.

“That is actually not why I am upset.” Said Gemma. ” Well…my mum is… ill and we have to move nearer her hospital, I will not be able to see you that much.”

Then we heard a loud BANG!

We jumped with fear.

100wc by Paris

“Trust me this book is amazing!” bellowed Emily. As I was walking over to Emily, I saw a colossal hand beside the tree. It looked as if it was grabbing it. I was standing there in admiration. My friends came over and rubbed the dirt of off the thumb. It had a sign on it. ‘BEWARE stand clear of this area.’ Just as I was about to move…. I felt the ground shake.

“EARHTHQUAKE!” we all shouted. We couldn’t move, the hand started to grab us. We were demolished down the hole. My heart was pounding. Where am I going?