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100wc by Maria

Dear Andrew Sesay,

I have recently seen your video on the 100wc blog, and am pleased to see what a superhero you are. As I was watching, at the beginning I was quite emotional, but near the end I found out you are an amazing person. In the future, you can hopefully save many more mothers and children. I assure you, the babies and mothers will always remember your kindness and special talent. Your special present will be soon told to everyone living and every new person entering the world. You saving that baby makes me think of the many mothers and babies you have saved. You have made many mothers happy.

yours sincerely, 

Maria x

The Blind Women and The Unicorn by Maria

The Blind Six Women and The Unicorn

Six blind women of Japan,

Went to Afghanistan,

Begged to meet the ancient unicorn.

They travelled there by train,

There was so much rain!

They finally they reached their destination,

At the watermelon station.


The first women stumbled across the unicorn and stroked its hair.

She stopped and beamed:

“My god! This unicorn is very fair; it’s like touching a silky spider’s lair!”


The second reached eagerly,

And started to touch the tickly feathered wings.

Then suddenly, as quick as a bee, the lady nattered:

“You must be wrong; the unicorn feels like a snugly blanket!”


The third approached the tail,

To feel the strands,

“My, this feels like sticky candy floss swirled around!”


The fourth lovely lady of Japan,

Was still on the unicorn’s body.

“Oh wow! You are all mistaken,

This unicorn is like a soft boulder!”


The fifth was very much amazed,

At what she was touching,

The horn of course,

So pointy and sharp,

So from the the women cried,

“OWCH! How sharp and round,

This reminds of an ice cream and crunchy sound!”


The final lady was amused and finally said:

“My there are very this and me drum sticks you use to play music!”

So at the end,

It was all a bend,

All were right,

But also wrong!

The Hunted Cavern

Wow an amazing statue was set right in front of my eyes. One pair of hands were holding a mouth-watering burger, it was so tempting it made my stomach roar like a lion. I tried to take a quick selfie next to it but I was swallowed by a mysterious passage and the door slammed shut.

” Hello, and welcome.” whispered a voice.

“Who…Who…Who are you?” I questioned stammering.

” I am someone you know very well and it’s time for revenge.”

“Okay , whatever you do don’t touch my hair!” I snapped.

“Oh, you will all be done for!” It cackled.


Dear Diary by Maria

Dear Diary ,

Today was an atrocious day for us slaves. Today was auction day. I was dragged from my home to misery. Love and joy spread in Africa, but now all I remember is being taken away.  My parents should have know it was a scam, they say they treat you good, but its not true.

Now 10 minutes ago, I was taken with 45 gold coins . I and the others tried to escape, go free and live but now it’s just tedious misery. I miss mama and papa, they were all I really had. They made my life the best as they could, they treated me like someone special. I was something, someone even, but now I’m nothing. Hopefully my owner is good to me, an owner that treats me a little better than I am now, someone who knows right and wrong. If not then I would be happy for the next auction . If there is one . 🙁

Some people don’t know how it feels to be a slave.

Anyone who thinks slavery is good , well you don’t know wrong from right.

Various of people think it’s great but its really not.

Every person that stands up to slavery knows wrong from right, people who don’t you need to know that no one is agreeing with you. 🙁

Let our class set a question for you:

Why should the world be ashamed of slavery ?


Paranormal Adventure 100wc by maria

It was a gloomy night, I was driving to my new mauve house. Suddenly a cold chill flew up my spine, I looked in the mirror and saw a carrot box; but a statue  person was standing behind. I stepped in the house and sat on my leather couch,as i put the steel television on. All of a sudden I leaped out of my seat and looked under the couch. No body was under the couch. 

Later on, I got to  bed and started my deep sleep…AHHH!!! I woke up to a terrible nightmare. But unfortunately,it was all real a ghost was in my own house, I had a rough picture of it dark,razor nails full with blood and cherry red eyes. And I knew it; because its standing in front of me.

Spring Break by Maria Week 15

Spring break, finally! I was just remembering my production I had done, I mean it wasn’t that bad, all I had to say was ” In 2017 I hope this school would achieved many goals ”

I was absolutely shaking when I went up in front of the whole audience, staring at me with their beaded eyes. As I got home, I finished my homework and was face-timing Lottie, I asked her what she was up to, so if she had any spare time we could go shopping or maybe have lunch at Olive and Origano in lakeside. She said we will go Friday 9:30 pm for a night out or party. It was 10:30 so I went to bed thinking about the future…