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#week25 by Madison C

I`m the eldest out of me and my sister Summer; that`s why I`m always last because she is younger. But  I knew she would go for the better stuff, so I thought I would get my revenge...

In the cake shop, Mum treated us to donuts. "Summer, the pink or green one?" Mum asked.

"Green!" she said, smiling at me evily.

"I`ll have to have the pink one then." I said, gagging at the horrific colour.

When we got home, I passed the donuts sitting lonely next to the salt. I looked from donut to salt. I grinned. Picking them up, I tipped the salt upon the donut.

#week18 100 WC by Madison C

The spiteful ice chewed at my toes under my shoes. Everyone was waiting to find out our new president. Suddenly, a large mauve tentacle stretched out from the tearful blue curtains. then another seven long slimy arms, along with a body came upon the stage. 

“I am your president, Loulia Carrots. I will control you now.” She said with an evil grin, showing her moldy green teeth. All of a sudden, we seemed to travel to her planet. Planet Bink. Surrounded by aliens, everyone screamed and ran for their lives. But a tentacle knocked me unconscious. 

#Week 17 by Madison

It was the 13th of September and it was a humid Friday evening. Zoe and her parents were driving through the streets of Norwich.

That night, small Zoe couldn’t get to sleep, so she cuddled Tatters her teddy. It was poring with rain and as the weather changed, they both fell asleep.

It was 5 years later. 5 years of being stranded on a tiny street of manic confusion. “Mum, Dad!” Zoe called, pounding into her parents room. “There are boats! QUICK! We must hurry!”

They ran, Helping her mum in first. Zoe gasped in horror. There was only one seat left.


#week16 by Madison C

The river was running, tumbling over itself as I ran past it. I could hear the footsteps of the monster thumping behind me. I tripped over the root of a tree. My knee throbbed but I couldn’t stop now. My brother had been taken by this creature and I was not about to witness what he had experienced. I looked ahead of me; The path was running out. I looked in front and behind. Which way? The monster’s Scarlett eyes gleamed behind me in the dark. But in front, the stunning sunset gripped my view. Either way I may die. I jumped off the cliff, dirt coming with me. I was falling, falling, falling……

#week15 100WC by Madison C

“Ow!” I yelled.

Sam slammed his action figure down on top of my Barbie Ballerina, ruffling her tutu and scraping my finger. “Sorry Annie, but my Sargent needs this area for his combat!” Sam threw his soldier around as if in war. I picked up my ballerina and started on my Chtistmas list.

‘Dear Santa,

I would like the new Barbie Ballerina Christmas edition. I love ballet and I will be a dancer. Me and my brother clash because of our doll interests. In 2017, I hope I can show off my Ballerina Barbie!

love Annie

I sealed the letter and posted it the next day. All I want for Christmas is is my doll.