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A Walk in the Park by Madeline

Walking in the darkness, I wondered what the grey shadow in front of me was. All day my cousin kept saying that she had seen a light blue hand with massive fingers ripping through a tree, and that she had ran away from it. I didn’t believe her. I continued waking on, I hated the dark.

The light blue figure came back in sight, I got closer I then realised that my cousin was telling the truth about what she had seen. Here it was a massive hand ripping through a tree. There was no turning back, I couldn’t run.

The noise was SO loud by Madeline

Smash! I jumped. I ran downstairs the noise was SO loud it awoke everyone.

The special glass vass had broke. I looked around I hadn’t seen no one in. If it was someone they couldn’t of found my treasure I hid it up somewhere no one could found I checked to see if it was still there…It was gone!

I had to found out who had took it. No one knew about the treasure accept me of course! I then heard footsteps coming from downstairs. I shook with shock was they going to found me?  I had to get out of here before it was to late.

In The Jungle by Madeline B


As I walked through the dessert I smelt the fresh winter breeze by this time my feet was jumping in pain, I was cold I then started to warm myself up nut it wasn’t happening! I sprinted, jogged and jumped.

I swerved around an edgy corner with an orange leaf perched over it, within this dessert was something dangerous… then BOOM! A tree collapsed beneath my bitter legs, I knew there was something going to happen.

I took a baby step closer to the nearest get away, I ran until I came to a bridge I leaped over it cautiously it was a crocodile under it I knew what he was doing he was waiting for his prey.

I had to get out of here!