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The Mystery Bunny…


Giant paws were coming towards me. They were huge, as big as sky-scrapers.

Wallop!  The mysterious animal swung  a bunch of tangerine carrots, they nearly hit my face. 

Crunch! Crunch!  To my surprise, they fitted in his enormous mouth. I thought carefully.  What likes to eat carrots for a healthy snack??  

I looked cautiously under the steel table, to see if it was still there, munching on its food. I walked slowly past the mauve, old walls. Awwww! It was an adorable bunny.  I looked carefully at it’s collar, Pom Pom. It was my rabbit!! But how did I get so small?? Suddenly, I felt tearful. I missed my mum and my dad. Out of no-where, two  giants  came my way…

Madalina 100 WC

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The heavy snow was falling on my shoulders. My hands were nearly frozen. Even my warmest hat couldn’t stop the wind from getting in.

“Come on!! Let’s have a snow ball fight!” Sylvia yelled, grabbing some fluffy snow. I duked as the huge ball came towards me. All the children were happily playing in the snow, when suddenly the sun came out. As the weather changed they all started to whine.

“Oh no! Where is all the snow going?!”  Sylvia started taking her hat off.

I sighed heavily as I started to walk inside. Oh well…