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Slavery By MacLight

Dear Dairy,

Today was a terrible day in Africa because the British men took most of our family and we were taken to the ships. The weather was absolutely distressful and the conditions in the ship was like a toilet full of poo and pee. Sometimes some people were fighting for entertainment, we didn’t get food or anything. The dead people were carried to the side of the ship and were throw into the sea. After three months of traveling we arrived at the Caribbean.

The Secret Hand by Maclight

As I walked down the streets a man in black was sitting down having tea in the park. My friends ( called Bobby,Ella,Chloe and Ishaque)were waiting for me, because they found a tree in some sort of hand.”What is that? “I asked.

“Don’t know?” Ella answered.  As we explored the tree Bobby saw a secret button, hidden in the hole in the ground. When he pressed it a huge door opened, “Wow” said Chloe.

” Lets jump in and see what`s inside?” I said excitedly.

As we went in the man in black was lying down ” Who are you” Bobby said in fear…

America Will Rule

Today I saw a broken egg but it looked like a chocolate egg.However three small builders were around to find out what happened.Donald Trump was mad with the people “What is going on!”He shouted,but Obama was relaxing because he`s done all his business for two years.

Donald Trump wants to lead the people to vote for him but the noise was SO loud that he couldn`t .


Donald John Trump has just had his seramony and is now heading to the White House.But things are not going well in America because Trump is not being fair but that is my opinion.


The Robber Boy by Maclight 100WC

In the mauve house the man called Will was eating carrots with his tea. But all of a sudden a small boy went under the gates and though the door.The man ran and ran until he couldn`t see his house. A while later  the boy  was stealing all the jewelry but there was a pause,the boy was amazed because he had just seen the most expensive diamond in the world. As the boy grabbed it and left, tearful, the man went in to the ancient steel shed. 

2 years later the boy was found guilty and the man was found. All the jewelry was given back to the man.



Lebron James watching Iluminate videos

As I was sleeping I noticed that Lebron James was downstairs watching videos. I looked in front and behind. Which way? I thought, my mom and dad were fast asleep but I was not. As I jumped out  of my bed  and ran downstairs. Suddenly, I saw the illuminati on the TV screen where Lebron James was sitting  “what is going on!?” As the video started to play, the video showed that the Simpsons were thought to be part of the iluminati. “This is not happening”I screamed. Lebron James  turned around in laughter.” Is this a joke?”I said confused.