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Dear Andrew..

Dear Andrew,

I have heard about your life-saving work! You have wonderful skills that have saved mothers and babies! I have seen a story on Aveley Primary Blogs, how you saved the women and the baby’s life was outstanding. No wonder the baby was named after you! I would love to donate money to #DrawingBreath so they can get you better equipment and help you save more lives. I see how hard it is for woman to give birth to children in different countries then it is over here, in the UK. I am so impressed with you!

Sincerely, Izabela

The Six Blind Men and The Deer

It was six men of Ockendon,

They were very smart in mind,

Went to see the dainty deer,

(Though all of them were blind),


The first approached the deer,

And happening to stroke,

Against its soft and silky skin,

And said: “‘Tis mighty clear,

The wonder of a deer is

Very like a cushion!”


The second, feeling the antlers,

Cried, “Hmm, what have I felt?

So smooth and curved and sharp?”

His voice began to melt,

“This wonder of a deer is very like a branch!”


The third crouched down,

And began to moan,

“Ho, what’s this so round?

As curved as a cone?

This wonder of a deer is

Very like a stone!”


The fourth pressed the nose,

Standing on his tip-toes,

Yelled “How I am cross!

All of you jabber but

I have got the answer!

This wonder of a deer is

Very like some moss!”


The fifth felt the tail,

Tight in his fists,

Bawled “Do you all see mist?

This deer is in my grasp!

As I can feel, this deer

It’s like a bunch of grass!”


The sixth rubbed the legs,

And happening to shout,

“WOW! This is thin and thick!

This wonder of a deer is

Very like a stick!”


And so these men of Ockendon,

Built the thought of a deer,

Each in his own opinion,

But they weren’t so very clear,

Though all were in the right,

And all were in the wrong!

By Izabela

Snake statue??

Peculiar but unique, I thought. I was admiring the way the sculpture was made. It had a thick brown tree trunk (as the body) with huge hands made of heaps of newspapers. There also was a giant cheese burger made of newspapers too, painted with vibrant colours. “Not bad…” I said to myself. Suddenly, the hand flung open and the burger fell to the ground. Screaming, I hauled myself backwards, away from the burger. The trunk exploded… a silver slivery serpent shot out and gulped me down…it’s huge mouth was slimy and slippery…

Slave Auction

Dear Diary,

Finally, the slaves arrived for purchase. A fine bunch they were but not very lively. A few of them stood out to me, the rest of them were drooping down, depressed. The slave auctioneers let us inspect their slaves. Most of them were just skin and bones with crooked yellow teeth. Then one, very healthy and big-built, it was, was the one I wanted to buy. But I wasn’t the only one who admired it. Soon, our inspections were over and it was time to bid and buy. The slave I wanted was the first up to be sold. “Ten gold pieces!” a buyer yelled.

“Fifteen gold pieces!” I offered, hopefully. But I didn’t get the slave as somebody gave up twenty gold pieces for it. As the day passed, my luck didn’t change. Then it was time for the scramble. Having no slaves yet, I was sure that I would get a slave from the scramble. A lady walked past, frowning at us, holding her hand out for pieces. I dropped five pieces into her wrinkled hand. “Three.. Two.. One…GOW!” she yelled in a horrible tone of voice. We rapidly ran towards the slaves. Grabbing one’s hand, I chucked it onto the floor, sniggering. Now I have a slave.



The Forest By Izabela

Deer pranced through the trees and formed a zig-zag pattern. Their hooves crunched the twigs and leaves as hopped and weaved between the tall trees. They were travelling to the field of fresh spring juicy grass. Its just the end of winter and the deer are famished. ‘Mum, are we there yet?” The Baby Deer questioned. “No.” Said the Mother Deer softly.                                                                                        “Mum, I’m hungry.” moaned the baby. Soon they were all there. They were all relieved, munching the field. But in the distance was a hunter…loading his gun…BANG! The noise was SO loud that the deer all panicked. The Hunter! BANG! BANG! They all jumped and twirled in horror and soon escaped…. The End.