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My Last Living Day 100WC #32

Dear diary,

This my be the last entry I write, at the moment I am hidden in an Anderson shelter, the zombie apocalypse is upon Britain. If I step out of the shelter  I am nothing but dead. When I was last looked out there, there was a zombie crashing through a wall with his meal; a ‘freshly baked’ cheese burger with juicy lettuce, but it wasn’t average it was huge. I needed fresh air, I poked my head out . “Grr grr” there was the zombie, ready to have his lunch time snack. As fast as possible I shut the slider, I was trapped… but all I could think about was that burger!

Slave Girl By Honey

Dear diary,

I am writing in secrecy. Today my daughter and I were sold in the slave auction, I tried to take her with me… I forced myself to fight against their pull and keep my four year old daughter but there was no hope, because within a blink of an eye  she was sold to the richest lady in the land. Madison, the lady that bought me must have thought I was a fine specimen because I was sold for fifty gold coins.

A caring buyer had tried to hide me from my villainous owner, as I slowly got up and ran  for my life, as I attempted to run one last time the auctioneer – Bobby- had told on me, my owner came at me she ran and attacked me, it was his fault if he  didn’t tell then I wouldn’t be stuck in this death trap, I will escape, I will…

The Grand Hand by Honey

Exhilarated, I ran towards the grant tree in Ok park, but today it didn’t seem normal  there was a vast stone figure surrounding the tree, this  was unusual  I slowly came to a halt, realizing it wasn’t stone, it was real ..it  was moving, How was this possible? I dragged myself closer and closer  until  I couldn’t go further. My stomach churned. I suddenly  heard a deep voice  from below  the ground shook like and  unexpected earthquake  I stumbled  to the floor everyone looked ate like nothing had happened. What was I going to do?

The Devils Game

“Hello” I mumbled into my headset  as I was playing my video game, then as I missed i jumped STOMP! was the sound of my feet as i jumped up gutted. Suddenly , a crash came from the mist of outside, I peered through  gap in my curtains, the noise  was so loud I couldn’t bare it, knowing that it was getting closer, I ran down  the thin hallway  and told  my sister  we ran simultaneously to my mums room , there was no hope,  the tornado had already hit, my mother was gone,  wht could we do? we were alone.

wicked weather by Honey

It was a humid day in fairy land, a fairy called Winterberry, disliked by everybody even Willamina, the kindest fairy in the land, loved by everyone. A dark evening in Farionomous, Winterberry was fed up  with the fairy’s being Extremely jolly, she wickedly waited until the time was right  to get there twinkling wings  in a frozen tangle. In one wave of her fake wisdom and her wand thy stood amazed as the weather changed they fled from the disco. from the corner of winterberry’s eye  she saw a miniature fairy plunging into the heavy layer of snow. What was winterberry going to do?

Honey #week15

In 2017, I hope…….

In 2017 I hope,

For a cute cuddly kitten,

who fits on a mitten,

Lovely an sweet,

you would love to meet.


I’d like a Bengal,

make sure it’s a boy,

who likes to play with a toy,

he would sleep all day,


He’d may get bored,

Or maybe floored,

But  he’ll be reassured

He’d love to hear my phone,

go ring a  ring a ding !


My Bengal will be called be Marley,

Who will love to play with my nephew Charlie,

He would be coloured brown

And never look down,

Hopefully he will never frown,

I would love a Bengal,

A little boy.