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100WC Week#35- Ella .O.

Dear Mr. Andrew Sesay,

From what I have heard so far, you are obviously an admirable, knowledgeable man, exactly who I expected you to be. You do all this for no pay whatsoever!! How noble you are for doing what you do. You’ve saved so many innocent lives, you truly are an amazing hero to all of us. Even though not many have heard of you, you will surely have some up-coming success soon enough. I hope that one day you can pursue all of your dreams and thrive to be where you want to be. I admire your work and you are a true inspiration to many others.

Yours truly,

Ella .O. xxx        #DrawingBreath  🙂

The Six Blind Women and the Unicorn- Ella

The Six Blind Women and The Unicorn

By Ella O’Shaughnessy

There were six striking, gracious women of Ockendon,

Of who of which were blind,

They desired to see an elegant animal,

And had particularly one in mind.

But, oh they did not realise, what great beauty they would find.


The first leant forth to stroke the amazing unicorn,

She ignored her consistent buzzing e-mail,

She laughed in recognition, and let out a mighty wail

“The unicorn is JUST like a sparking ruby, oh my!”

And took her hand away from the pretty unicorn’s eye.


The second extended her dainty arm,

And simultaneously fell over with a THUNK!

Then standing and balancing herself, she felt about the leg,

“This marvel of a unicorn is VERY like a hazel tree trunk!” she said unsteadily, and reluctant to walk away,

She wanted to see the unicorn, every single day.


The third approached the galloping unicorn,

And brushed the unicorns bright horn,

“Well, this creature and mine’s departure I shall always mourn. It is VERY clear; this creation of an animal is VERY like a sharp spear!”


The Six Blind Women and the Unicorn

By Ella O’Shaughnessy

The fourth woman strode towards the great beast,

And shook the fur and there,

“The unicorn is VERY like a cuddly teddy bear!”  she mumbled, mesmerised. After everyone else’s opinion,

She was more than surprised.


The fifth lady marched towards the unicorn,

And feeling it’s long, pearly white tail, and then she declares,

“I know for sure, the unicorn is only a few stands of hair” arrogantly waltzing away,

The unicorn, whose name was Larry, didn’t want that one to stay.


The last woman felt the unicorn’s mane,

And even though she could not see, her life would never be the same.

“By all the Gods and willows, the unicorn is VERY like bouncy pillows!” she said, and the path home she led.


The six glamorous ladies returned to Ockendon,

They found themselves delirious,

And they knew for sure that on that day,

The species of the unicorn were VERY mysterious.


And so these gracious, striking women of Ockendon,

Admired loud & long,

Each their own opinion,

Exceeding stiff & strong,

Though each were partly in the right and all were in the wrong.


100WC Week #32 – Ella .O.

Exaggerated sighs. Quiet mumbles. That awkward silence. Everything included in that dreaded family vacation every year. I forced my shining eyes wide open as we bounced over countless speed-bumps. I didn’t want to fall asleep. Besides, we were nearly there anyway! My sister began complaining every few seconds.

“I’m BORED!”

“Are we there yet??”

“I’m starving!”

For a 14-year-old, she really acted young for her age. Finally my parents couldn’t stand it anymore and gave in to her on-going irritating complaints. Our little car pulled up to a burger place. Yet there was something peculiar about the workers. They were ROBOTS!! They automatically passed marinated meals into our hands. We all bust into hysteria as we left the drive-in.

By Ella 6W 🙂

Slave Auction- By Ella .O. :)


Dear Diary,

Today was truly magnificent!! I successfully bought several slaves to work in my exquisite home!!

Seven buyers and myself were all desperate to find new slaves for our mansions, (there is a lot of work to do with big families!) and we heard that a huge auction was taking place on May 11th .

When we arrived, a rather threatening woman and a pair of male auctioneers were shouting out their slave’s best qualities, and we furiously bid, wanting every slave for ourselves.

In the end I ended up with 3 unsuspecting maids to tame to my every need. Should they not be grateful, beware, as I shall throw them onto the streets!

I chose one young female with blue crystal eyes and hazel hair as my first. I decided she shall be my personal maid.

Also another girl with dark hair, fair skin and bay eyes. She is soft and sparky. She shall be my gardener and entertainer.

Finally, another maiden who seemed rather bubbly, with chocolate eyes and auburn hair. She shall be my cook.

The final slave cost the most (£45 golden coins exactly), whereas the others where £40 silver coins each.

Unfortunately, now I have to pay for their own rooms that they can eat and sleep in. Yet I suppose that is doable.

Now I’m rather hungry, I’ll call slave number 1. After all this, im also rather tired.

Wish me Luck!!



100WC Week #25- Ella .O.

I lied in my room and reluctantly brushed aside my emerald quilt. I sighed as I fiddled with pointless buttons and zips. I briefly glanced at my class schedule. I groaned. P.E again!!!  Countless days ago, I was jogging on the jade grass when I accidentally (accidentally being the main word) tripped over Tiffany Jordans. She was furious that she got a bit messy. I was unbelievably apologetic; she still casts dirty looks at me. And that is why I am always last to be chosen for sports and athletics. And today, this would be the worst day of my school life. 

102 words!!! 🙂

By Ella .O.

‘They’re Coming’ By Ella .O.

Glistening rays of luminous sunlight seeped mellowly through the tall trees, and Alice had to shield her eyes from the flaring brightness. She trudged along the endless path where enchanting jade leaves danced like quaint ballerinas in the spring breeze.

Suddenly, Alice saw a tall silhouette walking through the trees. She approached it. A woman with sparkling golden golden hair that bobbed elegantly on her back came forward.

Alice noticed the woman wore a tight corset and a delicate embroidered dress.

“They’re coming” She muttered.

“Pardon??” Alice frowned.

AAAAAH! The woman let out a high-pitched scream. A hand erupted from the ground, grabbing the woman’s ankle and pulling her under the surface.

100 WC Week #18- Ella O

The tearful atmosphere of the musical seemed everlasting. All of a sudden, the mauve curtains swished closed with a flourish, and it was half-time. Even though I wanted to see the beginning of the intriguing second part, I reluctantly stood up and pushed aside the broad steel door. The walls were a sickly carrot colour. I stepped outside, where the cool  winter’s breeze made the leaves dance in the air, like elegant ballerinas. Under the glistening moonlight, I saw a tall silhouette. I squinted in the dim light. All I could see was a black, darkening outline of a figure. Out of nowhere, it began to fly down to me at rapid speed; then I heard a shrill, high-pitched scream….

By Ella O 🙂


100 WC Week #17- Ella O

As I lay in the humid golden grains of sand, the scorching weather made me wince in a jolt. I fumbled around with the piercingly hot sand and let the tiny particles slide through my parched, dry fingers slowly. I gazed across, what seemed to be, an everlasting serine ocean. During the process of searching through the sand, I felt something rather hard. I frowned and picked the object up. It was a round, circular orb that glistened in the sunlight. I looked up in surprise. Gasping, as the weather changed, then everyone froze. Suddenly, glimmering snowflakes danced in the breeze and fell elegantly onto the sand. I was all alone in this freezing, vast empty space with no one beside me. 

By Ella O 🙂 

100 WC Week #16- Ella

The Darkness

An overwhelming temptation was pulling me out of this vast, darkening abyss. 

Yet I was overcome with emotion, and I refused firmly. It was like a whole new person inside of me.

I looked in front and behind, Which way?? To leave, to be free, and never to roam this darkness again?

Or father countless weeks, continue to plod along the dirty, dark floor?? A single roaring flame in the brown branch placed in my hand.

It was extremely dim-lit, yet a brand new feeling washed over me. I walked quicker, wanting to see the source of this darkness.


Ella #Week15

In 2017 I hope……

As I drew in a breath of anticipation I cried out in joy, in pure celebration.

My eyes began to sparkle and my heart was racing fast,

to be a millionaire, oh my, At LAST!

I imagined what I could do with all this magnificent money, in years to come, I could look back and find it funny.

I could buy a luxurious house, installed with a pool, I could go on holiday all the time, because I would rule!

I could buy exotic animals, and treat them well, in years to come come, great tales I shall tell.

In 2017 I hope all these tales shall come true. But when that’ll happen, I don’t have a clue!

By Ella O’Shaughnessy 🙂