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100WC Week#35- Ella .O.

Dear Mr. Andrew Sesay,

From what I have heard so far, you are obviously an admirable, knowledgeable man, exactly who I expected you to be. You do all this for no pay whatsoever!! How noble you are for doing what you do. You’ve saved so many innocent lives, you truly are an amazing hero to all of us. Even though not many have heard of you, you will surely have some up-coming success soon enough. I hope that one day you can pursue all of your dreams and thrive to be where you want to be. I admire your work and you are a true inspiration to many others.

Yours truly,

Ella .O. xxx        #DrawingBreath  🙂

100WC Week #32 – Ella .O.

Exaggerated sighs. Quiet mumbles. That awkward silence. Everything included in that dreaded family vacation every year. I forced my shining eyes wide open as we bounced over countless speed-bumps. I didn’t want to fall asleep. Besides, we were nearly there anyway! My sister began complaining every few seconds.

“I’m BORED!”

“Are we there yet??”

“I’m starving!”

For a 14-year-old, she really acted young for her age. Finally my parents couldn’t stand it anymore and gave in to her on-going irritating complaints. Our little car pulled up to a burger place. Yet there was something peculiar about the workers. They were ROBOTS!! They automatically passed marinated meals into our hands. We all bust into hysteria as we left the drive-in.

By Ella 6W 🙂

100WC Week #25- Ella .O.

I lied in my room and reluctantly brushed aside my emerald quilt. I sighed as I fiddled with pointless buttons and zips. I briefly glanced at my class schedule. I groaned. P.E again!!!  Countless days ago, I was jogging on the jade grass when I accidentally (accidentally being the main word) tripped over Tiffany Jordans. She was furious that she got a bit messy. I was unbelievably apologetic; she still casts dirty looks at me. And that is why I am always last to be chosen for sports and athletics. And today, this would be the worst day of my school life. 

102 words!!! 🙂

By Ella .O.

‘They’re Coming’ By Ella .O.

Glistening rays of luminous sunlight seeped mellowly through the tall trees, and Alice had to shield her eyes from the flaring brightness. She trudged along the endless path where enchanting jade leaves danced like quaint ballerinas in the spring breeze.

Suddenly, Alice saw a tall silhouette walking through the trees. She approached it. A woman with sparkling golden golden hair that bobbed elegantly on her back came forward.

Alice noticed the woman wore a tight corset and a delicate embroidered dress.

“They’re coming” She muttered.

“Pardon??” Alice frowned.

AAAAAH! The woman let out a high-pitched scream. A hand erupted from the ground, grabbing the woman’s ankle and pulling her under the surface.