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Letter to Andrew Sesay by Amiee

Dear Andrew Sesay,

I have just been gobsmacked from seeing your magnificent work, saving newborn Andrew and his mother. I hope that there can be more people like you in the future, hopefully including me. Just imagine what life would be like with 50 people like you, birth would be much more safe. I’m not sure about the exact amount of lives you’ve saved but I’m sure they are all great full for your terrific training. How long have you been aiming to reach your goal? I’m sure to donate to #DrawingBreath  for new equipment for your hospitals.

Your sincerely Amiee.

100WC Week#35- Ella .O.

Dear Mr. Andrew Sesay,

From what I have heard so far, you are obviously an admirable, knowledgeable man, exactly who I expected you to be. You do all this for no pay whatsoever!! How noble you are for doing what you do. You’ve saved so many innocent lives, you truly are an amazing hero to all of us. Even though not many have heard of you, you will surely have some up-coming success soon enough. I hope that one day you can pursue all of your dreams and thrive to be where you want to be. I admire your work and you are a true inspiration to many others.

Yours truly,

Ella .O. xxx        #DrawingBreath  🙂