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Six Blind Men Of Ockendon

There were six blind men of Ockendon

who went to see the lion.

(even though they were blind)

They might use their mind.


The first man went to the mane

“I think this is the main structure

This doesn’t feel like a willow but

It feels like a pillow”.


The second approached

“The body is so soft”

The man coughed

“it feels like a pile of



The third tip-toed to

The legs as the lion begged

“whoa that feels soft

And sturdy”.

“It feels like those

Fluffy pencil cases”.


The forth ran into the tail

The man wailed “oh my lord but this

Feels like a cord”.


The fifth has slid into

The ears “this felt like

Gears like a pipe-cleaner”.

The sixth walked into the paws

“wow, this lion did a lot of work

And knocked his paws, it’s like a rock.

McDonalds red neon sign and shop by Darshan

Dear Diary,

This was a good day because they are going to build a 10 story McDonalds with a flashy neon sign with a prism on top.

When I went there the M sign was different than the original, it was a person holding a burger and it had a M on it I went inside then… WOW there were jazz men inside, a bowling course and an arcade also a talking bin!

I had my oeder (which was chicken selects, chips, cola and a double cheese burger; I love mine plain with cheese.?

It was a same that we had to leave but it was really FUN there.

weather changing madness 100WC by Darshan

I was downstairs on my I pad checking how much sugar, saturated fat and salt there is in the food. it was sunny then suddenly it changed into cold;  ‘that was weird’ I thought. Suddenly I found a remote on the floor, I pressed the sun icon then it became sunny. Then I pressed the snowflake icon; it became snowy! After, I pressed the zap button then it turned into thunder and lightning. Then I clicked the red icon, the remote glowed, becoming lighter, pop it was night. After that, I showed mum and dad and Izabela, they were amazed. I took it upstairs and played with it. But then….. I dropped it… and it broke…

***********************to be continued***************************

Darshan 100WC

I am a dog, a stray dog. I am walking down the street rumaging through the bins. I found some food then I saw a bunny I went crazy! I am chasing it. I was getting followed to a forestry park. The rabbit went in the rabbit hole”aww nuts!” I mouthed. I’m in nowhere (that’s what I think) I looked front and behind. Which way? There was a stone with half moss, half not moss. I remembered the stone with moss on means home (NOT!) I hate owners! Do you hate owners?