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A Slave Auction by CHLOE

Dear Diary,

Today was a dreadful experience  for me, it all started when I was kidnapped back in Africa when I heard someone tapping on the door and trying to break in my hut.

All of a sudden a black bag was wrapped round my head then someone hit my head.

I woke up and I was at a slave auction.

What was I going to do now?


I will escape…

…So That’s why I’m always last … Week #25 by chloe

Why am I always late? Well let me tell you a short story of why I’m always late. It all started on my birthday; I started being an hour late for everything; I was so confused I was normally early but I was not my mum was confused too, she knew that I was early for every thing the next day I felt weird.  It took me a  half an hour to eat my breakfast. I didn’t even go to it was only this morning that everything is normal. I’m still confused but that was why I was late for everything.

100WC by chloe

As I woke up from my marshmallow bed I unhooked my pet unicorn Larry from the stable to play with his best friends Barry and Gary on the ice cream heel, suddenly a big cloud came across, but it was not like any other clouds it was big and jet black. It looked like it was full of venom as the weather changes, they [the unicorns] where jumping up and down and running about, they have never experienced this before. I need to get them to a safe area/place, otherwise they will freak out!!

Where was I going to take them??

What was i going to do now???