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…So That’s why I’m always last … Week #25 by chloe

Why am I always late? Well let me tell you a short story of why I’m always late. It all started on my birthday; I started being an hour late for everything; I was so confused I was normally early but I was not my mum was confused too, she knew that I was early for every thing the next day I felt weird.  It took me a  half an hour to eat my breakfast. I didn’t even go to it was only this morning that everything is normal. I’m still confused but that was why I was late for everything.

100WC by Chloe

i was walking to the park with my friends we were going to the park because in the park on the field was a skate park. Suddenly there was a loud bang behind us we were all petrified, we did not know what it was until……..a motorbike sped past us it disappeared in the space of a second we could still hear it and then…it stopped we all ran to my house we hid in the garden we did not know what was going to happen all of a sudden we heard the the sound again the noise was so loud then it stopped the loud noise was not there anymore ……..was he waiting outside of the fence 


Chloe #week15 100WC

Dear Diary ,

I was so exited for our new president to walk on stage, sweat dripping from my forehead, all of a sudden there were lights flickering on and off… BANG!!

All of the audience were startled then the building started to shake in the same rhythm that our knew president was walking with. I did not know what to do suddenly there was a big blue tentacle coming out of the side of the stage, suddenly the whole rooftop started to shake and there was a big crack in the ceiling everyone started to scream and tried to get out of the building but they couldn’t something kept pulling them back to the seat. All I was thinking was that Donald Trump was a better president then ours I was worried about all our hopes for 2017……?