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100wc by Bradley

As the man stared at the hands of  robot he wondered, ‘Who created this wonderful piece of art.’ The burger looked so good, but it was plastic. “How was this brilliant sculpture created?” questioned the mayor. “It was made out of metal scraps and many other things,” explained the creator of the magnificent sculpture. All of a sudden, the sculpture started to move…

Bradley #23

“What”s that?” Jim asked. As Jim and John were strolling  through the park they spotted something sticking out from under a tree. There were long, jade tendrils of moss hanging down from it. As they passed it, at the corner of John’s eye, he saw the statue rising.

He rapidly turned around and saw the statue in the exact same place as it was before. The boys carried on walking. John looked back and saw the statue had risen. Jimmy pulled John,

“What’s your deal?” he questioned him, angrily.

“Huh? Has the statue done something wrong to you?”

Before he could answer the question, the hand statue grabbed the boys by their ankles and pulled them underground.


Bradley #19

There it was. Shining in my hands. Fifa 17. ” Freedom!” I shouted. The noise was SO loud that I heard a bang. All of a sudden, a white light flashed before my eyes and the next thing I knew the ceiling and a wall were on top of me. I tried to open my eyes but they were as locked as a shed that has a million padlocks. When I did open my eyes, I was in a seat. I looked around and I saw thousands of people in a huge stadium, all cheering loudly. I looked in front of me. A football field, with football players. Then all of a sudden, My name got called…

Bradley #16

I sprinted past a fruit bar, knocking some of the fruits off. I jumped, landing on a rock hard box. The guards were hot on my heels so I had to act quick. I looked in front and behind . Which way? Then I saw a dead end in front of me . I sprinted forward just as the guards jumped. I had a plan I zoomed as the guards were millimetres behind me. Straight in front of me was a brick wall. I ran forward then jumped… I tried to reach the wall but I got pulled back by a sturdy,robust guard. “You’re coming with us, where you will try to assassinate the gladiators in the Colesseum” yelled the gladiator. I wondered ‘Will I survive this’…

Bradley #15


I was sprinting through the long razor-like grass, trying to get away from the terrifying, treacherous tiger. All of a sudden, BOOM! I looked behind me and saw that the tiger was lying still on the dusty earth, blood dripping from his forehead all across his face and body. I once again started sprinting, stumbling with every dreadful step I took. I was trying desperately not to get shot. All of a sudden, I tripped over an enormous rock falling face first into the earth. Luckily, a bullet shot right over my face grazing my head. In 2017 I hope that wild animals like myself will be able to live and not get killed by hunters.