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100WC Week #25 -School Dinner- Bobby .W.

I absolutely hate lunch time in school, this is why: One day I joined a  school called Aveley primary; I was the new kid. Everyone treated me like royalty. When it came to lunch time the school let me go first to make my choice of food, I didn’t know what to do or how to cook. Guess what I did? When I chose the food I wanted [the best food ever, Mac and Cheese] I put the Mac and Cheese in the microwave with the plastic spoon! OOPPPSSS!!!! BOOOOMMMM!!!! It exploded

“Bobby!” Bellowed the dinner lady. That’s I’m always last!

By Bobby .W.

A different dimension

“Who am I?” “Most importantly where am I?” I felt woozy and uneasy. I was baffled and felt like my legs were going to fall off. All of a sudden… Zoom! I was screaming like a maniac whilst mid air! I knew this was going to be my fate, this is how I was going to die, falling through the sky! But when I hit the ground I was surprisingly standing up right! Where was I? The green grass was beautiful; the big blooming bright flowers were filled with colours! I loved it. I looked in front then behind which way should I go?