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100WC Week #25 -School Dinner- Bobby .W.

I absolutely hate lunch time in school, this is why: One day I joined a  school called Aveley primary; I was the new kid. Everyone treated me like royalty. When it came to lunch time the school let me go first to make my choice of food, I didn’t know what to do or how to cook. Guess what I did? When I chose the food I wanted [the best food ever, Mac and Cheese] I put the Mac and Cheese in the microwave with the plastic spoon! OOPPPSSS!!!! BOOOOMMMM!!!! It exploded

“Bobby!” Bellowed the dinner lady. That’s I’m always last!

By Bobby .W.

100 WC by Maclight #15

In 2017 I hope to see the White House to meet Donald Trump with my friends called Bobby, Amiee and Will. 5 days later we will be famous because Amiee wants  to be an artist and the others want to be  footballers . I hope that my family will be famous. Bobby and I would like to be an NFL player or a NBA player. Amiee loves pugs but I like them too. I love Marvel and Star Wars so does Amiee.Will likes football and plays for the school football team . In 2018 I might be  moving house.

Have a Merry Christmas