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Six Blind Children From North London

Six blind children of North London,

Learning so and so,

Wanted to meet a llama in Charlton,

While the wind did blow.


The first infant approached the llama,

And happily holding a squealing neck,

“Oh! That’s why was so much drama!

Is it bigger than me? I might check, it’s bigger than a hole,

I declare it feels like a pole!”


The second infant approached the creature,

Unexpectedly feeling the fur,

“My my! It’s warmer than a heater!”

The fur was comforting her,

“It doesn’t feel like a llama, it feels like bouncy springs!”


The third infant continue to approach the animal,

He started to stroke the legs,

“This doesn’t feel chewable, it’s thinner than logs!

If I must answer, it feels like rulers!”


The fourth infant strolled to the animal,

This time feeling the tail,

“This feels really flammable!

Let me touch it with my nail,

If I must, I describe it as a cotton ball!”


The fifth infant strolled to the creature,

Tapping the hooves,

“My! It’s smaller than a baby cheetah!

It’s definitely not a moose!

I will and can describe this as a smooth stone!”


The sixth and final infant approached the animal,

Feeling the comfy body,

“It’s definitely not gas able!

It’s definitely not a nobody!

If I must I declare it feels like a fluffy couch!”


The six blind children walked back,

Very happy making a smile,

“It was so fun! But it was all black…”

“Now let’s go to the Nile!”


The Paper Inspiration

Mike and his gang had a challenge to create a 3D paper sculpture. They accepted the challenge and they bought 23 stacks of paper, including newspapers. On the 23rd of May they started, the hand kept collapsing but they found a way to stick it  to a half-cracked wall. They added the finishing touches with the fingers.

It mostly took 2 days then they had a brilliant idea; they bought several McDonalds cheese burgers and tried to recreate the cheese burger’s inside then surrounded it with newspapers, paper, ripped paper and more! They have finished their masterpiece. It has became a meme and gone viral very rapidly. The teenagers are now millionaires.

Slave Trade Auction

Dear Diary,

Today, travelled to the auction which sells clean and unique slaves from Africa. I tried to buy the best helpless slaves to do my difficult chores for me to relax and trust the exhausted slaves.

The first was a father with a wife and delicate children. I betted 25 golden coins but someone else bid 32 golden coins, I bought the father bought for 45 coins. I already had one in my grasp, I needed more though.

Up next, were two vicious warriors, I knew I had to buy them with my own hard-owned cash! The buyer next to me almost bought them for 45 coins but I bought them with 50 coins for the muscular warrior. I had coins to retrieve one more…

Next, everyone would dash out, I grabbed a girl shaking in fear.

If I were you, I would wait for the next week’s auction!


100WC#23 Arthur

Mythical creatures as humans call us, we live on a planet out of any mans reach. I’m the ruler of the sky. I’m one of the brutal phoenixes in this land. My good friend Leviathan is the ruler of the deep, so we’re pretty much cousins. He helped me find food and fire for my nest. My nest was crimson. I need it to be reborn but I mostly burn my enemies. Suddenly a human hand sucked under ground… what’s happening?


The Sacred Artefact

1875, a new item has appeared in the History Museum. It came from the Egyptians in their sacred pyramid, John Hunwell has discovered the artefact and brought it to the History Museum to shock the majority of citizens in Britain, 23 years later in 1898, the Museum was a success until 2nd November, Thomas Bridgewell was strolling around, taking a look at the artefacts found by famous investigators before he came across The Sacred Vase, there were a massive crowd of people surrounding the Vase. The Vase was vibrating rapidly which caused it to shatter on the floor, the noise was SO loud that Thomas’ ears were bleeding “It is miserable the hard-working artefact was destroyed.” Cried the Mayor of Britain.