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Letter to Andrew Sesay by Amiee

Dear Andrew Sesay,

I have just been gobsmacked from seeing your magnificent work, saving newborn Andrew and his mother. I hope that there can be more people like you in the future, hopefully including me. Just imagine what life would be like with 50 people like you, birth would be much more safe. I’m not sure about the exact amount of lives you’ve saved but I’m sure they are all great full for your terrific training. How long have you been aiming to reach your goal? I’m sure to donate to #DrawingBreath  for new equipment for your hospitals.

Your sincerely Amiee.

The Blind Aliens And The Unicorn

There were six blind aliens from planet Mars,

Who travelled to Earth,

In their red rocket cars.

Seeking a unicorn big and bold,

They shall bring it back to Mars and be given gold.


The first alien approached the creature,

“Well hello nice to meet ya!”

The slimy green alien reached out with his hand,

As the wind picked up and covered him in sand.

The horn was like a silver power drill,

He beckoned the others to come and feel.


The second alien approached the beast,

He would get to touch one body part at least.

He reached out for the tangled tail,

His face going really pale,

“My, my! This is no tail it’s a lady’s wig!”

There’s always someone that has to have a dig.


The third alien stumbled across the snout,

Her face turning into a pout.

Feeling around the unicorn’s mouth,

The lady alien was filling with doubt,

“If you allow I may ask,

Surely this is a flask!”


The fourth alien,

Running her fingers through the unicorn’s hair,

She felt its muscles tensing,

Like a wooden chair.

The unicorn’s heart beating loudly,

The alien standing proudly.


The fifth alien’s walk turned into a stumble,

Then his words turned into a mumble.

“You call these legs,

You old bogs,

Cleary they are just wooden logs!”


The sixth and last alien appeared,

Then she busted out in tears,

“Please let me!

I just want to touch the ears!”

“OUCH! These are like spikes!”

She screamed with all her might.



The Slave Auction by Amiee

Dear diary,

It was the day I feared and dreaded my whole entire life… the slave auction! I was standing there in a single file line, chained up, heart racing, watching my friends and family getting taken by the greedy buyers and I not being able to help in any way. First vanished aunt Honey in less then three bids, yet the three selfish auctioneers called her ‘it’. I hear the screams and cries from the separating of cousin Daria and aunt Honey. Whimpers echoed next to me, it was my sister Chloe. ‘Sorely they weren’t going to separate us!’ I hoped.

As everyone was taken I thought about my escape plan. I was left to the top four slaves. It was time for the…scramble!! Clatter! Clatter! Ping! Ping! The money was dropped into the hat. “Ready…steady…GO!” I turned my back and ran as fast as I could. Turning my head, an angry little person was chasing me! But where was Chloe?! Smack! Face on the floor, little angry person on my back… The one and only Mistress Tilly!

The New Girl 100WC by Amiee

What to do at my new school: make new friends; Control the…thing; not to embarrass myself… I nervously approached the building. My feet trembling with fear; I was starting starting a new life. My fingers twitched releasing small purple sparks from them. Shaking like a leaf in the wind, I entered the full class. The tall teacher towed over me.

“Take a seat GIRL!” She hissed. I sat down next to a pretty blond girl.

“So your the new kid!?” She snapped

“How dare you take my place! You fool!” Anger bubbled up inside me. WHOOSH! Purple smoke from my hands threw her across the room. So that’s why I’m always picked last at everything… Until the day I spoke up… 

100WC by Amiee

They had been here for a while now. We were having the most epic sleepover EVER!! I had Jessica and Tilly with me but we were just BORED!! “Hey! Amiee Jess, lets explore your attic!” Suggested Tilly. We all grinned at each other cheekily. 

Like stealthy ninjas, we climbed through the hatch in the roof. Immediately, a golden glimpse caught my eye. My mother always said that I had eyes like a magpie. Eagerly, I picked it up.

“Press it! Press it!” the two chanted.

I hit the golden button on the tablet…..Nothing happened. A snowflake flew past my attic window. Tilly and Jess shivered. As the weather changed, they turned pale… Our jaws dropped.