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My Food! #32

Carefully studying the restaurant menu, my eyes were suddenly glued to the letters that stood out. (The American Cheese burger) My mouth watered whilst the thought of food rushed through my mind like a river. Clip! Clop! The red-headed waitress ran to our table, I pointed at my choice. Tic! Toc! As the clock ticked away I was slowly dozing off. “Amiee…wake up…your food is here!” The soft words rippled through my mind. “Food? Food!” I screamed. The burger was here! My hands dived at the plate. Snatch! A pair of newspaper hands stole my food!

100WC As small as an ant. By Amiee

Cautiously, I sneekily went to press the large red button.Out of nowhere a grand rumble pumped through my body. I shook, the world was growing bigger. Puzzled and shocked, I stood silent and still. The trees had changed. They were now long green and thin. No trunks and no branches. I stumbled along the dusty dirt…


I bellowed. Dirt launched at in my eyes as I fell through the hole. I landed on my bottom. Tuneless, hundreds of tunnels. I looked in front and behind. What way!? All of a sudden came… Loads of ants. My heart raced like a drum