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The Six Blind Monks and the Snow Leopard


Six blind Monks traveled around the kingdom
Went to meet the Snow Leopard,
As it was looked at from far away
They were going to have a fun day.

The First Monk stumbled upon
The Leopards stiffened tail
At that moment he turned pale and cried
“It appears the Snow Leopard is very like a snake.”

The Second, feeling of the body, wailed
“What have we here, so very fluffy and puffy?”
“to me its amazingly clear!”
“this proud Snow Leopard,
Is very like a cloud”

The Third man approached the beast
Was careful not to become its feast,
and seized the claws upon the paws,
and boldly made a quote “this wonder of a Leopard
is very like a blade.”

The Fourth reached out with a shaking hand
and felt about the ear
tall above the rest screamed,
“I see” quoth he “the Leopard is very like cotton balls.”

The Fifth felt about the legs
And shyly spoke “It seems the Snow Leopard
Is very like wooden beams!”

The Sixth had no sooner began
Groping the nose and made his toes wriggle about
He stood up and spout
“Now I see the Snow Leopard is very like a
Battered button.”

So the six Monks went back home
and had started a really long moan.
Continuing stiff and strong but all were in the wrong.

The Slavery Auction

The boat was rocking around on the stormy sea only me and Will were the only ones who weren’t moaning, the crew were making my mind fuzzy I couldn’t even understand them.  The auction was coming and me and Will were getting sold the boat stopped and the buyers were standing in the centre of the village they were really irritating and load. I just wanted to get revenge since they took my family long ago but one day I will break free and get my revenge on  them all. I swear I will save my family one day.