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100wc by Maria

Dear Andrew Sesay,

I have recently seen your video on the 100wc blog, and am pleased to see what a superhero you are. As I was watching, at the beginning I was quite emotional, but near the end I found out you are an amazing person. In the future, you can hopefully save many more mothers and children. I assure you, the babies and mothers will always remember your kindness and special talent. Your special present will be soon told to everyone living and every new person entering the world. You saving that baby makes me think of the many mothers and babies you have saved. You have made many mothers happy.

yours sincerely, 

Maria x

Letter to Andrew Sesay by Amiee

Dear Andrew Sesay,

I have just been gobsmacked from seeing your magnificent work, saving newborn Andrew and his mother. I hope that there can be more people like you in the future, hopefully including me. Just imagine what life would be like with 50 people like you, birth would be much more safe. I’m not sure about the exact amount of lives you’ve saved but I’m sure they are all great full for your terrific training. How long have you been aiming to reach your goal? I’m sure to donate to #DrawingBreath  for new equipment for your hospitals.

Your sincerely Amiee.

Dear Andrew..

Dear Andrew,

I have heard about your life-saving work! You have wonderful skills that have saved mothers and babies! I have seen a story on Aveley Primary Blogs, how you saved the women and the baby’s life was outstanding. No wonder the baby was named after you! I would love to donate money to #DrawingBreath so they can get you better equipment and help you save more lives. I see how hard it is for woman to give birth to children in different countries then it is over here, in the UK. I am so impressed with you!

Sincerely, Izabela

A Letter

Dear Andrew Sesay,

Recently, I have seen your work on the 100 word challenge site, and was very pleased by what i saw. Watching you help that poor lady and her baby has really made me aware to the things that you and your team do for people in Sierra Leone and all of the remarkable lives you have saved. You have made me realize that there are good people like you who want to help innocent people during a life changing moment. Whilst i was watching the video, a thousand questions buzzed through my mind but then you answered all of them with your quick and knowledgeable actions. As a reward for changing people’s lives, i have decided to donate to help you and your future patients and VSO.

Thank you for everything you do; you have really made a change!

Your Sincerely,

Sylvia, 6W


Six Blind Children From North London

Six blind children of North London,

Learning so and so,

Wanted to meet a llama in Charlton,

While the wind did blow.


The first infant approached the llama,

And happily holding a squealing neck,

“Oh! That’s why was so much drama!

Is it bigger than me? I might check, it’s bigger than a hole,

I declare it feels like a pole!”


The second infant approached the creature,

Unexpectedly feeling the fur,

“My my! It’s warmer than a heater!”

The fur was comforting her,

“It doesn’t feel like a llama, it feels like bouncy springs!”


The third infant continue to approach the animal,

He started to stroke the legs,

“This doesn’t feel chewable, it’s thinner than logs!

If I must answer, it feels like rulers!”


The fourth infant strolled to the animal,

This time feeling the tail,

“This feels really flammable!

Let me touch it with my nail,

If I must, I describe it as a cotton ball!”


The fifth infant strolled to the creature,

Tapping the hooves,

“My! It’s smaller than a baby cheetah!

It’s definitely not a moose!

I will and can describe this as a smooth stone!”


The sixth and final infant approached the animal,

Feeling the comfy body,

“It’s definitely not gas able!

It’s definitely not a nobody!

If I must I declare it feels like a fluffy couch!”


The six blind children walked back,

Very happy making a smile,

“It was so fun! But it was all black…”

“Now let’s go to the Nile!”


The Paper Inspiration

Mike and his gang had a challenge to create a 3D paper sculpture. They accepted the challenge and they bought 23 stacks of paper, including newspapers. On the 23rd of May they started, the hand kept collapsing but they found a way to stick it  to a half-cracked wall. They added the finishing touches with the fingers.

It mostly took 2 days then they had a brilliant idea; they bought several McDonalds cheese burgers and tried to recreate the cheese burger’s inside then surrounded it with newspapers, paper, ripped paper and more! They have finished their masterpiece. It has became a meme and gone viral very rapidly. The teenagers are now millionaires.

McDonalds red neon sign and shop by Darshan

Dear Diary,

This was a good day because they are going to build a 10 story McDonalds with a flashy neon sign with a prism on top.

When I went there the M sign was different than the original, it was a person holding a burger and it had a M on it I went inside then… WOW there were jazz men inside, a bowling course and an arcade also a talking bin!

I had my oeder (which was chicken selects, chips, cola and a double cheese burger; I love mine plain with cheese.?

It was a same that we had to leave but it was really FUN there.

Burger Mystery

It caught my eye. Grappling hands gripped onto a burger. I kept ambling along; I couldn’t stop staring. These hands were like mega-size giants hands squabbling for their breakfast. Its fingertips lightly grasped the burger as if it was ready to indulge in it. I turned around the corner then came back to look. It moved. Was it still alive? Ignoring my crazy thoughts, I stared deeply into the stringy yellow cheese, the maroon tender beef and the sprinkled seeded bun… My stomach suddenly growled so unexpectedly I jumped. I imagined tasting the burger.. That seemed to make my hunger fade away like a distant memory. ”Emily!” It was Sasha. ”What are you staring at?” It was gone.

100wc by Bradley

As the man stared at the hands of  robot he wondered, ‘Who created this wonderful piece of art.’ The burger looked so good, but it was plastic. “How was this brilliant sculpture created?” questioned the mayor. “It was made out of metal scraps and many other things,” explained the creator of the magnificent sculpture. All of a sudden, the sculpture started to move…

Snake statue??

Peculiar but unique, I thought. I was admiring the way the sculpture was made. It had a thick brown tree trunk (as the body) with huge hands made of heaps of newspapers. There also was a giant cheese burger made of newspapers too, painted with vibrant colours. “Not bad…” I said to myself. Suddenly, the hand flung open and the burger fell to the ground. Screaming, I hauled myself backwards, away from the burger. The trunk exploded… a silver slivery serpent shot out and gulped me down…it’s huge mouth was slimy and slippery…