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Slave Auction

I’ve been on this ship for 2 months; we went the complete opposite way to the West Indies. The smell of people’s waste and dead people’s corpses, Jimmy has died by eating his own leg off and he died from infection.

We have arrived at Liverpool, Sean committed suicide by wrapping his chains around his neck and jumping through the deck, its now my turn to get cleaned , I ain’t stupid a’righ I know about the boiling tar. Lukily me punishment was a knife to me chest it is still there and it ain’t coming out .

Because I was a warrior I got sold to a fool called Arthur, one of the richest men alive.                I will escape one day I will…

Stone Giants Revenge 100 WC

Twas a boiling summers day, everyone from the town was admiring a new art sculpture.                                                              ‘ Where did it come from ? ‘ ‘ Who made it ? ‘

There were thousands of questions from the crowd but no-one could answer them .                                                                                Later at night, a worried man was sitting on top of the hand sculpture. Thunder crashed lightning struck but the man wouldn’t budge until lightning struck the hand. Quickly running the man screamed.

Suddenly, a whole hand arose from the underworld and then he cupped one fist around the man. It wasn’t the commotion from the hand it was the blood-curling screams that awoke the neighbours.

Will # week 15

“Ah” I groaned as I hit the concrete floor. Everyday, I was bullied , spat at, punched,kicked, mimicked by teachers and friends because of my unlikely friend.

Joe-Young he took me places you will never believe, I saw the once in a lifetime sunset descending over the mysterious edge of the world.I dreaded coming back to cut-throat Clive the leader of the bullies. No one ever believes that a giant 100 foot gorilla in my back garden would you believe me , suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw him hiding in the trees. All of a sudden, Clive punched me in the then the gut. ” that was a wrong move I laughed ataaaaack” I cried. A deafening roar struck all the school Clive ran his fastest but Joe was faster. He snatched him up and threw him halfway across England then grasped me and ran as fast as he could away from the fear of becoming evil. In 2017 I hope that bulling is eradicated, so that they don’t have to go through what I went through.