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The Blind Men and the Pig by Tilly-May


The Blind Men and the Pig


Six men of Indostan,

Who were visiting the zoo,

Got off the bus quickly,

And rushed into a room,

Although all of them were blind,

They were sure there was something to find.


The first man approached an animal,

{Happening to be a pig}

And grabbed its curly tail and cried,

“My, my! This marvel has a curly tail,

It feels like curly fries!”


The second man stumbled,

And reached out an eager hand,

Grabbing the ears and mumbled,

“Bless me! But the pig is like two leather belts!”


The third man approached,

And fell flat on his face,

He got up and with a quick pace using the legs for help,

“Ho! What have we here?

The pig is like mossy branches!”


The forth man ran into the room,

And gently touched the foot,

“I see!” quoth he, “the feet are warm and cosy!

I’m a little nosy, but to me, I can see,

The pig is like a hot water bottle!”


The fifth man,

Who made himself look like a king,

Charged into the room,

And grabbed the poor pigs head,

Then touched the nose,

Striking a pose,

“Oh my…. A wet button!”


The sixth approached the pig,

And leant against his sticky side,

And very quickly lied,

“It feels like a tree!”

“You liar!” called another,” It feels like a pillow.”


And so these men of Indostan,

Left with angry tunes,

They all looked like loons as they disputed loud and long,

Arguing over what the pig was,

Though all they ever felt was a loss.

The Hand…. by Tilly May

This was it. The large, cold, mossy fingers curled round a large tree. It was ready to destroy earth. “NO!!!” I screamed. The fingers stopped moving and instead the ground began to shake. I heard a muffled voice from under the ground. Suddenly a grey, huge head appeared. I gasped and gaped but couldn’t scream. Finally, the giant spoke.. “WHO DARES TO INTERRUPT ME?” I stood still and hoped he wouldn’t see me. “YOU!!” he boomed. “Y-yes?” I questioned quivering, ” W-what are you?” He laughed making the ground shake once more.

” ME? WELL” he began, ” I AM THE B-U-G!” “What is a B-U-G?” I asked. “BIG UNFRIENDLY GIANT !” he replied. I shook with fear. What was I to do now?

The farmers fields by Tilly May

The gate was made of  strong steel. Megan knew it was a bad thing to do and she was tearful about her decision, but the carrots were on the other side. Suddenly, a wave of farmers trundled out of their barn. One farmer was dressed in a mauve jumper. She recognized him straight away. He had helped Megan to grow food but then some of the farmers chucked her out and she was left poor.  Suddenly a voice shouted, ” STOP!! don’t hurt her!” Megan looked around and saw the only farmer smiling, from then on, she was finally healthy and happy.

Rainbow world by Tilly may

It was a perfect dream. A land full of unicorns, Pegasus’, rainbows, sunshine. I never wanted to leave! Suddenly a dark, rainy cloud flew above the land. It began raining. Then it snowed, as the weather changed they stopped flying. (The unicorns and Pegasus’) They flew to the ground and drooped their beautiful heads. It was bitterly cold. I looked around, it was no more a happy place, it was now dull and boring. What was I going to do?, I had to save the land (Rainbow world) and help my mythical friends. But… will my plan work?

Tilly may #week15 In 2017 I hope…


In 2017 I hope that our new Prime Minister will be amazing. Well, that’s not true. The anticipation was sickening as the cautious crowd waited for the red curtains to flicker open. I was trembling hard and everyone was whispering. I stood in the crowd, anxious of what Prime Minister we were going to get. Suddenly, everyone caught a glimpse of shiny black boots staring back at them. The crowds faces reflected in the shine of light. Finally, the curtains drew to show something hideous. An alien! Slim, green and slimy. Everyone gasped! Well, that’s what happens when earth gets invaded. A long blue tentacle stretched out and grabbed the microphone…