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The New Girl 100WC by Amiee

What to do at my new school: make new friends; Control the…thing; not to embarrass myself… I nervously approached the building. My feet trembling with fear; I was starting starting a new life. My fingers twitched releasing small purple sparks from them. Shaking like a leaf in the wind, I entered the full class. The tall teacher towed over me.

“Take a seat GIRL!” She hissed. I sat down next to a pretty blond girl.

“So your the new kid!?” She snapped

“How dare you take my place! You fool!” Anger bubbled up inside me. WHOOSH! Purple smoke from my hands threw her across the room. So that’s why I’m always picked last at everything… Until the day I spoke up… 

Amiee #week15

The illumanous bright light surrounding the long droopy curtains. The cautious crowd waited in anticipation, eager to meet the new princess of the United Kingdom. Suddenly, a new gruesome slimy tenticle shot out of the curtains like a bullet. The immediate sound of highheels edged forward to the microphone. Her bright long blond hair sat on her shoulder elegantly. Breaking the silence came… “In 2017 I hope that world can have peace again!” The crowd stay dead silent. Confused and puzzled faces scanned the creature head to toe.


She starred at the audience angrily. An alien invasion has been suddenly created!!!!!!!