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Aaron #18 The Land of Dragons

The land of dragons were people come together under the tearful sapphire sky. People sell food,  mostly meat and carrots to feed there; dragons and animals like cows, pigs etc. Loads of dragons were many different colors;  but rare dragons are a  mauve color or a rainbow color. The blacksmiths mostly used  steel dragons to find minerals. But other dragons like myslf get used by knight to fight against other armies  in battle.

There are many varieties of us. I’m a God  dragon. I use all fire, ice, water, earth, lightning and galaxy magic so there are only 5 of us. Because only master riders can use us but there are only 2 of us in the armies. Its a pity we don’t get much to do around  here. It will be along time for the war to end if we can’t go to fight.

100WC by Aaron.R

I woke up with the sun beating down on me my room door was open and my katana was slung across the room. The fact I was in magic school made me very mad, since  people come into my room and move my stuff. I got out of bed and grabbed my green jacket since I was different to everyone because I use a sword, and only use my hand for magic, and not a wand. I stagger out the door to the hall, as the weather changed they looked out the window and gazed at  the thick black thunder storm; its just the weather… not a crisis!