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My Last Living Day 100WC #32

Dear diary,

This my be the last entry I write, at the moment I am hidden in an Anderson shelter, the zombie apocalypse is upon Britain. If I step out of the shelter  I am nothing but dead. When I was last looked out there, there was a zombie crashing through a wall with his meal; a ‘freshly baked’ cheese burger with juicy lettuce, but it wasn’t average it was huge. I needed fresh air, I poked my head out . “Grr grr” there was the zombie, ready to have his lunch time snack. As fast as possible I shut the slider, I was trapped… but all I could think about was that burger!

Slave Trade Auction

Dear Diary,

Today, travelled to the auction which sells clean and unique slaves from Africa. I tried to buy the best helpless slaves to do my difficult chores for me to relax and trust the exhausted slaves.

The first was a father with a wife and delicate children. I betted 25 golden coins but someone else bid 32 golden coins, I bought the father bought for 45 coins. I already had one in my grasp, I needed more though.

Up next, were two vicious warriors, I knew I had to buy them with my own hard-owned cash! The buyer next to me almost bought them for 45 coins but I bought them with 50 coins for the muscular warrior. I had coins to retrieve one more…

Next, everyone would dash out, I grabbed a girl shaking in fear.

If I were you, I would wait for the next week’s auction!


The Grand Hand by Honey

Exhilarated, I ran towards the grant tree in Ok park, but today it didn’t seem normal  there was a vast stone figure surrounding the tree, this  was unusual  I slowly came to a halt, realizing it wasn’t stone, it was real ..it  was moving, How was this possible? I dragged myself closer and closer  until  I couldn’t go further. My stomach churned. I suddenly  heard a deep voice  from below  the ground shook like and  unexpected earthquake  I stumbled  to the floor everyone looked ate like nothing had happened. What was I going to do?

Bradley #23

“What”s that?” Jim asked. As Jim and John were strolling  through the park they spotted something sticking out from under a tree. There were long, jade tendrils of moss hanging down from it. As they passed it, at the corner of John’s eye, he saw the statue rising.

He rapidly turned around and saw the statue in the exact same place as it was before. The boys carried on walking. John looked back and saw the statue had risen. Jimmy pulled John,

“What’s your deal?” he questioned him, angrily.

“Huh? Has the statue done something wrong to you?”

Before he could answer the question, the hand statue grabbed the boys by their ankles and pulled them underground.


Bradley #19

There it was. Shining in my hands. Fifa 17. ” Freedom!” I shouted. The noise was SO loud that I heard a bang. All of a sudden, a white light flashed before my eyes and the next thing I knew the ceiling and a wall were on top of me. I tried to open my eyes but they were as locked as a shed that has a million padlocks. When I did open my eyes, I was in a seat. I looked around and I saw thousands of people in a huge stadium, all cheering loudly. I looked in front of me. A football field, with football players. Then all of a sudden, My name got called…

#week18 100 WC by Madison C

The spiteful ice chewed at my toes under my shoes. Everyone was waiting to find out our new president. Suddenly, a large mauve tentacle stretched out from the tearful blue curtains. then another seven long slimy arms, along with a body came upon the stage. 

“I am your president, Loulia Carrots. I will control you now.” She said with an evil grin, showing her moldy green teeth. All of a sudden, we seemed to travel to her planet. Planet Bink. Surrounded by aliens, everyone screamed and ran for their lives. But a tentacle knocked me unconscious. 

The Mystery Bunny…


Giant paws were coming towards me. They were huge, as big as sky-scrapers.

Wallop!  The mysterious animal swung  a bunch of tangerine carrots, they nearly hit my face. 

Crunch! Crunch!  To my surprise, they fitted in his enormous mouth. I thought carefully.  What likes to eat carrots for a healthy snack??  

I looked cautiously under the steel table, to see if it was still there, munching on its food. I walked slowly past the mauve, old walls. Awwww! It was an adorable bunny.  I looked carefully at it’s collar, Pom Pom. It was my rabbit!! But how did I get so small?? Suddenly, I felt tearful. I missed my mum and my dad. Out of no-where, two  giants  came my way…

100 WC Week #18- Ella O

The tearful atmosphere of the musical seemed everlasting. All of a sudden, the mauve curtains swished closed with a flourish, and it was half-time. Even though I wanted to see the beginning of the intriguing second part, I reluctantly stood up and pushed aside the broad steel door. The walls were a sickly carrot colour. I stepped outside, where the cool  winter’s breeze made the leaves dance in the air, like elegant ballerinas. Under the glistening moonlight, I saw a tall silhouette. I squinted in the dim light. All I could see was a black, darkening outline of a figure. Out of nowhere, it began to fly down to me at rapid speed; then I heard a shrill, high-pitched scream….

By Ella O 🙂


100WC by chloe

As I woke up from my marshmallow bed I unhooked my pet unicorn Larry from the stable to play with his best friends Barry and Gary on the ice cream heel, suddenly a big cloud came across, but it was not like any other clouds it was big and jet black. It looked like it was full of venom as the weather changes, they [the unicorns] where jumping up and down and running about, they have never experienced this before. I need to get them to a safe area/place, otherwise they will freak out!!

Where was I going to take them??

What was i going to do now???

100 WC Week #17- Ella O

As I lay in the humid golden grains of sand, the scorching weather made me wince in a jolt. I fumbled around with the piercingly hot sand and let the tiny particles slide through my parched, dry fingers slowly. I gazed across, what seemed to be, an everlasting serine ocean. During the process of searching through the sand, I felt something rather hard. I frowned and picked the object up. It was a round, circular orb that glistened in the sunlight. I looked up in surprise. Gasping, as the weather changed, then everyone froze. Suddenly, glimmering snowflakes danced in the breeze and fell elegantly onto the sand. I was all alone in this freezing, vast empty space with no one beside me. 

By Ella O 🙂