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The Blind Women and The Unicorn by Maria

The Blind Six Women and The Unicorn

Six blind women of Japan,

Went to Afghanistan,

Begged to meet the ancient unicorn.

They travelled there by train,

There was so much rain!

They finally they reached their destination,

At the watermelon station.


The first women stumbled across the unicorn and stroked its hair.

She stopped and beamed:

“My god! This unicorn is very fair; it’s like touching a silky spider’s lair!”


The second reached eagerly,

And started to touch the tickly feathered wings.

Then suddenly, as quick as a bee, the lady nattered:

“You must be wrong; the unicorn feels like a snugly blanket!”


The third approached the tail,

To feel the strands,

“My, this feels like sticky candy floss swirled around!”


The fourth lovely lady of Japan,

Was still on the unicorn’s body.

“Oh wow! You are all mistaken,

This unicorn is like a soft boulder!”


The fifth was very much amazed,

At what she was touching,

The horn of course,

So pointy and sharp,

So from the the women cried,

“OWCH! How sharp and round,

This reminds of an ice cream and crunchy sound!”


The final lady was amused and finally said:

“My there are very this and me drum sticks you use to play music!”

So at the end,

It was all a bend,

All were right,

But also wrong!

The Six Blind Children


Six blind children of Ockendon,

Eager to meet the magical Unicorn,

Travelled over the hills and past the mills.


The first child shyly approached the creature,

And happened to stumble across the colourful horn,

Cried “Oh my,”

“this Unicorn is very much like a party hat.”

She jumped excitedly, but the Unicorn still sat.


The second child leant over to feel the fluffy wings,

And at once cried: “What have we here?”

He said and stared.

“This Unicorn is very rare; the wing is like a cloud.


The third child came through and cried “Move!”

He knelt down and felt the hooves.

“My goodness! They are like smooth rocks.

“Nonsense!” said Jamie Flox.



The fourth child walked in,

Taking the tail she cried,

“Oh my, tis like a long feather.”

True, it was soft but it wasn’t long.


The fifth child stormed in,

He wasn’t having a great day.

Straight away he hugged the body.

“Ahh… It feels like a warm, cosy pillow.”

At once his stress flew away.


The sixth skipped in,

She bent down and felt the leg,

“Why, this is quite extraordinary!”

“It feels like a curvy bolster pillow.

The Six Blind Women and the Unicorn- Ella

The Six Blind Women and The Unicorn

By Ella O’Shaughnessy

There were six striking, gracious women of Ockendon,

Of who of which were blind,

They desired to see an elegant animal,

And had particularly one in mind.

But, oh they did not realise, what great beauty they would find.


The first leant forth to stroke the amazing unicorn,

She ignored her consistent buzzing e-mail,

She laughed in recognition, and let out a mighty wail

“The unicorn is JUST like a sparking ruby, oh my!”

And took her hand away from the pretty unicorn’s eye.


The second extended her dainty arm,

And simultaneously fell over with a THUNK!

Then standing and balancing herself, she felt about the leg,

“This marvel of a unicorn is VERY like a hazel tree trunk!” she said unsteadily, and reluctant to walk away,

She wanted to see the unicorn, every single day.


The third approached the galloping unicorn,

And brushed the unicorns bright horn,

“Well, this creature and mine’s departure I shall always mourn. It is VERY clear; this creation of an animal is VERY like a sharp spear!”


The Six Blind Women and the Unicorn

By Ella O’Shaughnessy

The fourth woman strode towards the great beast,

And shook the fur and there,

“The unicorn is VERY like a cuddly teddy bear!”  she mumbled, mesmerised. After everyone else’s opinion,

She was more than surprised.


The fifth lady marched towards the unicorn,

And feeling it’s long, pearly white tail, and then she declares,

“I know for sure, the unicorn is only a few stands of hair” arrogantly waltzing away,

The unicorn, whose name was Larry, didn’t want that one to stay.


The last woman felt the unicorn’s mane,

And even though she could not see, her life would never be the same.

“By all the Gods and willows, the unicorn is VERY like bouncy pillows!” she said, and the path home she led.


The six glamorous ladies returned to Ockendon,

They found themselves delirious,

And they knew for sure that on that day,

The species of the unicorn were VERY mysterious.


And so these gracious, striking women of Ockendon,

Admired loud & long,

Each their own opinion,

Exceeding stiff & strong,

Though each were partly in the right and all were in the wrong.


The Six Blind Monks and the Snow Leopard


Six blind Monks traveled around the kingdom
Went to meet the Snow Leopard,
As it was looked at from far away
They were going to have a fun day.

The First Monk stumbled upon
The Leopards stiffened tail
At that moment he turned pale and cried
“It appears the Snow Leopard is very like a snake.”

The Second, feeling of the body, wailed
“What have we here, so very fluffy and puffy?”
“to me its amazingly clear!”
“this proud Snow Leopard,
Is very like a cloud”

The Third man approached the beast
Was careful not to become its feast,
and seized the claws upon the paws,
and boldly made a quote “this wonder of a Leopard
is very like a blade.”

The Fourth reached out with a shaking hand
and felt about the ear
tall above the rest screamed,
“I see” quoth he “the Leopard is very like cotton balls.”

The Fifth felt about the legs
And shyly spoke “It seems the Snow Leopard
Is very like wooden beams!”

The Sixth had no sooner began
Groping the nose and made his toes wriggle about
He stood up and spout
“Now I see the Snow Leopard is very like a
Battered button.”

So the six Monks went back home
and had started a really long moan.
Continuing stiff and strong but all were in the wrong.

The Blind Men and the Pig by Tilly-May


The Blind Men and the Pig


Six men of Indostan,

Who were visiting the zoo,

Got off the bus quickly,

And rushed into a room,

Although all of them were blind,

They were sure there was something to find.


The first man approached an animal,

{Happening to be a pig}

And grabbed its curly tail and cried,

“My, my! This marvel has a curly tail,

It feels like curly fries!”


The second man stumbled,

And reached out an eager hand,

Grabbing the ears and mumbled,

“Bless me! But the pig is like two leather belts!”


The third man approached,

And fell flat on his face,

He got up and with a quick pace using the legs for help,

“Ho! What have we here?

The pig is like mossy branches!”


The forth man ran into the room,

And gently touched the foot,

“I see!” quoth he, “the feet are warm and cosy!

I’m a little nosy, but to me, I can see,

The pig is like a hot water bottle!”


The fifth man,

Who made himself look like a king,

Charged into the room,

And grabbed the poor pigs head,

Then touched the nose,

Striking a pose,

“Oh my…. A wet button!”


The sixth approached the pig,

And leant against his sticky side,

And very quickly lied,

“It feels like a tree!”

“You liar!” called another,” It feels like a pillow.”


And so these men of Indostan,

Left with angry tunes,

They all looked like loons as they disputed loud and long,

Arguing over what the pig was,

Though all they ever felt was a loss.

Six Blind Men Of Ockendon

There were six blind men of Ockendon

who went to see the lion.

(even though they were blind)

They might use their mind.


The first man went to the mane

“I think this is the main structure

This doesn’t feel like a willow but

It feels like a pillow”.


The second approached

“The body is so soft”

The man coughed

“it feels like a pile of



The third tip-toed to

The legs as the lion begged

“whoa that feels soft

And sturdy”.

“It feels like those

Fluffy pencil cases”.


The forth ran into the tail

The man wailed “oh my lord but this

Feels like a cord”.


The fifth has slid into

The ears “this felt like

Gears like a pipe-cleaner”.

The sixth walked into the paws

“wow, this lion did a lot of work

And knocked his paws, it’s like a rock.

Burger Spies by Tilly-May

The largest, most tastiest burger was being held by two paper mache hands. I needed that burger. “Partner!” I whispered, “partner?” I looked around. “Madison! Get your butt over here. Now!” She shimmied over. I just sighed. ” Ok, follow my lead and we’ll get to that burger!” I closed my eyes and tried to think of a plan. ” Right, Madison…  huh? NOO!” Madison had grabbed the delicious burger and 5 guards were running towards us. ” Why did you touch it?” I screamed, running with her.

“Cause I was hungry!” she replied sourly.

I looked back. ” Madison, we’re in so much trouble!”

The Curious (and annoying) Child. by Madison C

“In this picture I can see paper mache hands, made out of newspaper, holding a delicious paper-burger”

“Why is it there?”

“I don’t know , Tilly.”

“Why is it made out of paper?”

“I don’t know, Tilly.”

“Why a burger?”

“I don’t know, Tilly.”

“Who made it?”

“I don’t know, Tilly.”

“Does it make you hungry?”

“Yes, Tilly,  but-”

“It makes me hungry too! How comes it`s famous?”

“I don’t know, Tilly.”

“What does-”

“Shut UP, Tilly!”

“Yes but, what does-”


“What does mache mean, like you boringly said earlier?”

“That’s a reflection.”

“Yes, but, why-”





100WC Week #32 – Ella .O.

Exaggerated sighs. Quiet mumbles. That awkward silence. Everything included in that dreaded family vacation every year. I forced my shining eyes wide open as we bounced over countless speed-bumps. I didn’t want to fall asleep. Besides, we were nearly there anyway! My sister began complaining every few seconds.

“I’m BORED!”

“Are we there yet??”

“I’m starving!”

For a 14-year-old, she really acted young for her age. Finally my parents couldn’t stand it anymore and gave in to her on-going irritating complaints. Our little car pulled up to a burger place. Yet there was something peculiar about the workers. They were ROBOTS!! They automatically passed marinated meals into our hands. We all bust into hysteria as we left the drive-in.

By Ella 6W 🙂

The Paper Inspiration

Mike and his gang had a challenge to create a 3D paper sculpture. They accepted the challenge and they bought 23 stacks of paper, including newspapers. On the 23rd of May they started, the hand kept collapsing but they found a way to stick it  to a half-cracked wall. They added the finishing touches with the fingers.

It mostly took 2 days then they had a brilliant idea; they bought several McDonalds cheese burgers and tried to recreate the cheese burger’s inside then surrounded it with newspapers, paper, ripped paper and more! They have finished their masterpiece. It has became a meme and gone viral very rapidly. The teenagers are now millionaires.