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McDonalds red neon sign and shop by Darshan

Dear Diary,

This was a good day because they are going to build a 10 story McDonalds with a flashy neon sign with a prism on top.

When I went there the M sign was different than the original, it was a person holding a burger and it had a M on it I went inside then… WOW there were jazz men inside, a bowling course and an arcade also a talking bin!

I had my oeder (which was chicken selects, chips, cola and a double cheese burger; I love mine plain with cheese.?

It was a same that we had to leave but it was really FUN there.

My Last Living Day 100WC #32

Dear diary,

This my be the last entry I write, at the moment I am hidden in an Anderson shelter, the zombie apocalypse is upon Britain. If I step out of the shelter  I am nothing but dead. When I was last looked out there, there was a zombie crashing through a wall with his meal; a ‘freshly baked’ cheese burger with juicy lettuce, but it wasn’t average it was huge. I needed fresh air, I poked my head out . “Grr grr” there was the zombie, ready to have his lunch time snack. As fast as possible I shut the slider, I was trapped… but all I could think about was that burger!

My Food! #32

Carefully studying the restaurant menu, my eyes were suddenly glued to the letters that stood out. (The American Cheese burger) My mouth watered whilst the thought of food rushed through my mind like a river. Clip! Clop! The red-headed waitress ran to our table, I pointed at my choice. Tic! Toc! As the clock ticked away I was slowly dozing off. “Amiee…wake up…your food is here!” The soft words rippled through my mind. “Food? Food!” I screamed. The burger was here! My hands dived at the plate. Snatch! A pair of newspaper hands stole my food!

Burger Mystery

It caught my eye. Grappling hands gripped onto a burger. I kept ambling along; I couldn’t stop staring. These hands were like mega-size giants hands squabbling for their breakfast. Its fingertips lightly grasped the burger as if it was ready to indulge in it. I turned around the corner then came back to look. It moved. Was it still alive? Ignoring my crazy thoughts, I stared deeply into the stringy yellow cheese, the maroon tender beef and the sprinkled seeded bun… My stomach suddenly growled so unexpectedly I jumped. I imagined tasting the burger.. That seemed to make my hunger fade away like a distant memory. ”Emily!” It was Sasha. ”What are you staring at?” It was gone.

The Hunted Cavern

Wow an amazing statue was set right in front of my eyes. One pair of hands were holding a mouth-watering burger, it was so tempting it made my stomach roar like a lion. I tried to take a quick selfie next to it but I was swallowed by a mysterious passage and the door slammed shut.

” Hello, and welcome.” whispered a voice.

“Who…Who…Who are you?” I questioned stammering.

” I am someone you know very well and it’s time for revenge.”

“Okay , whatever you do don’t touch my hair!” I snapped.

“Oh, you will all be done for!” It cackled.


100wc by Bradley

As the man stared at the hands of  robot he wondered, ‘Who created this wonderful piece of art.’ The burger looked so good, but it was plastic. “How was this brilliant sculpture created?” questioned the mayor. “It was made out of metal scraps and many other things,” explained the creator of the magnificent sculpture. All of a sudden, the sculpture started to move…

Snake statue??

Peculiar but unique, I thought. I was admiring the way the sculpture was made. It had a thick brown tree trunk (as the body) with huge hands made of heaps of newspapers. There also was a giant cheese burger made of newspapers too, painted with vibrant colours. “Not bad…” I said to myself. Suddenly, the hand flung open and the burger fell to the ground. Screaming, I hauled myself backwards, away from the burger. The trunk exploded… a silver slivery serpent shot out and gulped me down…it’s huge mouth was slimy and slippery…

3D Shapes

today we created our own 3D shapes by cutting the net out and following the instructions to glue it together. Do you know how to make a Polyhedron? We do.


Science Fun…

We have had great fun this week investigating our new topic of circuits and re-capping our old topic of circulation. Here we are creating our own circuits :

 To secure our knowledge of the circulatory system, we became the circulatory system. Some of us were the heart, lungs, muscles, blood cells, oxygen and of course the brain. Each part had a role to do and we had a great time doing it.


Lost Little Lylika

A bead of sweat slithered down my temple as I was pushed forward in front of the buyers. “Now here`s a good one-Little Lylika, 7 years of age,” announced the auctioneer “She is one of our strongest, great teeth, talks English and is good for cooking, gardening and is fantastic at hair.” The man stroked my braided hair.

There was a murmur amongst the buyers and suddenly a very pretty woman wearing an emerald, white cuffed dress shouted “5 gold coins!”

“10 gold coins!” shouted yet another woman wearing a violet dress.

“15 gold coins!” bellowed a young neat man from the back.

“Straight to 25!” screamed a weird looking woman wearing a scarlet and honey patterned dress.

“No, 35!” cried the same woman from the beginning.

“Going once…going twice…SOLD!” The auctioneer gleefully shoved me toward the pretty woman.