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100wc by Maria

Dear Andrew Sesay,

I have recently seen your video on the 100wc blog, and am pleased to see what a superhero you are. As I was watching, at the beginning I was quite emotional, but near the end I found out you are an amazing person. In the future, you can hopefully save many more mothers and children. I assure you, the babies and mothers will always remember your kindness and special talent. Your special present will be soon told to everyone living and every new person entering the world. You saving that baby makes me think of the many mothers and babies you have saved. You have made many mothers happy.

yours sincerely, 

Maria x

Letter to Andrew Sesay by Amiee

Dear Andrew Sesay,

I have just been gobsmacked from seeing your magnificent work, saving newborn Andrew and his mother. I hope that there can be more people like you in the future, hopefully including me. Just imagine what life would be like with 50 people like you, birth would be much more safe. I’m not sure about the exact amount of lives you’ve saved but I’m sure they are all great full for your terrific training. How long have you been aiming to reach your goal? I’m sure to donate to #DrawingBreath  for new equipment for your hospitals.

Your sincerely Amiee.

A Letter to Andrew Sesay by Tilly-May

Dear Andrew Sesay,

I am writing to you to tell you how amazing you are. You are saving lots of babies and women every day. I am sure the babies will look up to you when they are older. Drawing breath [ a new hashtag]  is going to buy new equipment for your work. Not only are you saving TONS of lives, you are making families happy. Sierra Leone needs an awesome doctor, and lucky for them, they have one. drawing breath wants you to carry on with your work.

Yours sincerely,


My letter to Andrew Sesay by Madison C

Dear Andrew Sesay,

I am very impressed by your amazing work in VSO in Sierra Leone. I feel so sorry for the mothers and children dying. You`ve inspired many of us here to help your charity VSO.

VSO should be proud to have you work for them and for all of the charitys work. I think it`sbrilliant to have a charity that helps mothers and baby`s in need.

I wanted to ask a few questions:

What inspired you to do this?

How often does this happen?

why does it happen only in Africa?


yours sincerly,

Madison C

Dear Andrew..

Dear Andrew,

I have heard about your life-saving work! You have wonderful skills that have saved mothers and babies! I have seen a story on Aveley Primary Blogs, how you saved the women and the baby’s life was outstanding. No wonder the baby was named after you! I would love to donate money to #DrawingBreath so they can get you better equipment and help you save more lives. I see how hard it is for woman to give birth to children in different countries then it is over here, in the UK. I am so impressed with you!

Sincerely, Izabela

A Letter

Dear Andrew Sesay,

Recently, I have seen your work on the 100 word challenge site, and was very pleased by what i saw. Watching you help that poor lady and her baby has really made me aware to the things that you and your team do for people in Sierra Leone and all of the remarkable lives you have saved. You have made me realize that there are good people like you who want to help innocent people during a life changing moment. Whilst i was watching the video, a thousand questions buzzed through my mind but then you answered all of them with your quick and knowledgeable actions. As a reward for changing people’s lives, i have decided to donate to help you and your future patients and VSO.

Thank you for everything you do; you have really made a change!

Your Sincerely,

Sylvia, 6W


100WC Week#35- Ella .O.

Dear Mr. Andrew Sesay,

From what I have heard so far, you are obviously an admirable, knowledgeable man, exactly who I expected you to be. You do all this for no pay whatsoever!! How noble you are for doing what you do. You’ve saved so many innocent lives, you truly are an amazing hero to all of us. Even though not many have heard of you, you will surely have some up-coming success soon enough. I hope that one day you can pursue all of your dreams and thrive to be where you want to be. I admire your work and you are a true inspiration to many others.

Yours truly,

Ella .O. xxx        #DrawingBreath  🙂

Six Blind Children From North London

Six blind children of North London,

Learning so and so,

Wanted to meet a llama in Charlton,

While the wind did blow.


The first infant approached the llama,

And happily holding a squealing neck,

“Oh! That’s why was so much drama!

Is it bigger than me? I might check, it’s bigger than a hole,

I declare it feels like a pole!”


The second infant approached the creature,

Unexpectedly feeling the fur,

“My my! It’s warmer than a heater!”

The fur was comforting her,

“It doesn’t feel like a llama, it feels like bouncy springs!”


The third infant continue to approach the animal,

He started to stroke the legs,

“This doesn’t feel chewable, it’s thinner than logs!

If I must answer, it feels like rulers!”


The fourth infant strolled to the animal,

This time feeling the tail,

“This feels really flammable!

Let me touch it with my nail,

If I must, I describe it as a cotton ball!”


The fifth infant strolled to the creature,

Tapping the hooves,

“My! It’s smaller than a baby cheetah!

It’s definitely not a moose!

I will and can describe this as a smooth stone!”


The sixth and final infant approached the animal,

Feeling the comfy body,

“It’s definitely not gas able!

It’s definitely not a nobody!

If I must I declare it feels like a fluffy couch!”


The six blind children walked back,

Very happy making a smile,

“It was so fun! But it was all black…”

“Now let’s go to the Nile!”


The Six Blind Men and The Deer

It was six men of Ockendon,

They were very smart in mind,

Went to see the dainty deer,

(Though all of them were blind),


The first approached the deer,

And happening to stroke,

Against its soft and silky skin,

And said: “‘Tis mighty clear,

The wonder of a deer is

Very like a cushion!”


The second, feeling the antlers,

Cried, “Hmm, what have I felt?

So smooth and curved and sharp?”

His voice began to melt,

“This wonder of a deer is very like a branch!”


The third crouched down,

And began to moan,

“Ho, what’s this so round?

As curved as a cone?

This wonder of a deer is

Very like a stone!”


The fourth pressed the nose,

Standing on his tip-toes,

Yelled “How I am cross!

All of you jabber but

I have got the answer!

This wonder of a deer is

Very like some moss!”


The fifth felt the tail,

Tight in his fists,

Bawled “Do you all see mist?

This deer is in my grasp!

As I can feel, this deer

It’s like a bunch of grass!”


The sixth rubbed the legs,

And happening to shout,

“WOW! This is thin and thick!

This wonder of a deer is

Very like a stick!”


And so these men of Ockendon,

Built the thought of a deer,

Each in his own opinion,

But they weren’t so very clear,

Though all were in the right,

And all were in the wrong!

By Izabela

The Blind Aliens And The Unicorn

There were six blind aliens from planet Mars,

Who travelled to Earth,

In their red rocket cars.

Seeking a unicorn big and bold,

They shall bring it back to Mars and be given gold.


The first alien approached the creature,

“Well hello nice to meet ya!”

The slimy green alien reached out with his hand,

As the wind picked up and covered him in sand.

The horn was like a silver power drill,

He beckoned the others to come and feel.


The second alien approached the beast,

He would get to touch one body part at least.

He reached out for the tangled tail,

His face going really pale,

“My, my! This is no tail it’s a lady’s wig!”

There’s always someone that has to have a dig.


The third alien stumbled across the snout,

Her face turning into a pout.

Feeling around the unicorn’s mouth,

The lady alien was filling with doubt,

“If you allow I may ask,

Surely this is a flask!”


The fourth alien,

Running her fingers through the unicorn’s hair,

She felt its muscles tensing,

Like a wooden chair.

The unicorn’s heart beating loudly,

The alien standing proudly.


The fifth alien’s walk turned into a stumble,

Then his words turned into a mumble.

“You call these legs,

You old bogs,

Cleary they are just wooden logs!”


The sixth and last alien appeared,

Then she busted out in tears,

“Please let me!

I just want to touch the ears!”

“OUCH! These are like spikes!”

She screamed with all her might.